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May 2020

Hello again, friends and neighbors.  It's May already!

Here's the quick and usual date and meeting information:
  • Bulk Trash - May  11-15.  Not next week, but the week after.
  • Memorial Day Holiday May 25 - Trash and Recycle pickups will be delayed to Tuesday and Friday that week.
  • The Regular Board Meeting will be held via video conference on May 14 at 7pm. More info below.
  • The Design Review Committee will continue to review Architectural Requests as they are submitted on an as-needed basis, as outlined in previous emails.

From the Governor

As most of you probably know, Governor Ducey extended the "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" directive to May 15 by his Executive Order 2020-33.  All of Gov. Ducey's executive orders can be found on the governor's web site here, if you want to keep up without relying on news sources.

From the Mayor

The City of Avondale's Residential Services web page has information about closures of various city services, along with alternative ways to take care of necessary activities.  More information is available from Avondale Mayor Weiss's announcement here.

From the Association

Here at Rio Crossing, the playgrounds and picnic areas are closed.   Caution tape has been placed at each location, though occasionally ripped down -- which I repair about once a week. Please continue to take prudent actions to minimize exposure to areas where other people may have congregated, wherever you go, including areas in and around Rio Crossing -- but I'm happy to see folks out and about taking walks, riding bikes, and even shooting a few hoops here and there.

Regular Board Meeting

There were was no board meeting in April, but there will be one held electronically via video conference in May.  If you would like to "attend", please contact our Community Manager Lisa via Email at for joining instructions.  We'll be using PDS's GoToMeeting service, and as usual, homeowners are welcomed to attend the meeting -- "virtually" this time.  The meeting will begin at 7pm on Thursday May 14.  I hope to see (or hear -- there is an option for dial-in only) you there!

Community Looking good!

The community is looking much nicer now that the weather has warmed up and the rains have stopped!  Thanks to all who took good care of the weeds that sprung up everywhere, it seems.  As usual, "community tours" by the management company still generate a few violation notices, but we're seeing a noticeable improvement in most areas.  Remember that if you get a notice and there is an extenuating circumstance preventing you from taking care of it or some other concern, please contact Lisa, our community manager, to discuss your situation and let us know.  Lisa gets a few calls each week and from the feedback I get, she is helpful and accommodating based on the guidance she has received from the board.

Landscape Items

The preparation work at the Heatherbrae entrance has been delayed due to a variety of factors.  We'll be discussing these in more detail at the board meeting May 14.

You'll notice the grass/turf areas are looking a little brown... that's expected during the transition from the winter rye grass back to the summer Bermuda, as Stillwater shuts down the irrigation for a week or so, cuts the rye grass down very closely, and then soon starts the irrigation back up again to "wake up" the dormant Bermuda roots underneath.  Soon it should all be back green and beautiful again!  It's nice to see the bright yellow lantanas and some of the various red shrubs showing off their colors!

From Me

My backyard weather station already registered just over 106 degrees in late April.  What's up with that??
My usual friendly reminders:
  • Please wash your hands often, especially after being out in public areas.
  • Give a friendly wave to your neighbors when you see them. We're all in this together!
  • Check in on your friends and family in other locations now and then. 
  • Now is the time to use social media and regular everyday phone calls to reach out to people you know who are alone!  Let them know you care, and that we'll get through all this -- together, as a community.
As always, I'm available -- primarily via Email (reply to this newsletter or click the Email icon below) and from the web site's contact/feedback page -- if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.

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