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November 2020

Hello again, friends and neighbors.  It's November already... and I'm already late with this month's reminder/news email.

Here's the quick and usual date and meeting information:
  • Bulk Trash - November 9-13.  Next week!
  • The Annual Member Meeting for the association will be held via video conference this Thursday November 5 at 7pm. More detailed info below.
  • Veteran's Day Holiday November 11 - Only Recycle pickups will be delayed to Friday next week. Trash pickup is still on Monday!
  • The Design Review Committee (DRC) reviews Architectural Requests as they are submitted.  PDS has implemented a new system that the DRC uses to track and respond to requests which is taking some time to get used to... sorry for any delay.

Annual Member Meeting

Ballots were sent out mid-October.  If you did not snag yours from that pile of junk mail you normally get and still want to vote, please contact our Community Manager Lisa.  You can print a ballot, fill it out, scan it or take a picture of it, and email it.  The ballot also has information about logging into the online meeting, scheduled for this Thursday evening November 5 at 7pm using GoToMeeting.

Rio Crossing has historically had problems having a quorum for the annual meeting.  A quorum is the minimum number of participants required to have a full business meeting.  Our governing documents says that's 10% of the number of eligible voters -- in our case, that's 35.  Arizona statute says that absentee ballots count toward quorum... but last year we had less than 20 ballots and only a few people at the actual meeting.  This year isn't looking much better at this point.

Community Social Events

We know that the social distancing requirements are in a constant state of change, and that many folks are just tired of dealing with it.  Of all the responsibilities your board has, we really enjoy and look forward to planning community events for everyone to participate in.  We've been especially proud of the Winter Festivals held in 2018 and 2019.

Unfortunately we've felt it isn't prudent for the association to move forward with a similar event this year. Not that we don't want to get everyone together and have a good time, but it still seems best to "err on the side of caution" and not encourage large groups of people together.

Winter Grass is Up!

You probably noticed in early October that the grass was starting to look worn out and tired -- but that's by design. Our landscape contractor, Stillwater, cuts off the irrigation to get the summer Bermuda grass to go dormant in preparation for the Rye winter grass "over-seeding".  That process is now complete, and a fresh carpet of greenery is now up, and should last us through "the winter"... you know, that time of year where the temperature no longer reaches 100 degrees every day!

Backwashing/Emptying Your Pool? Avondale Guidelines

Those of you with swimming pools may be "winterizing" your system.  The City of Avondale has specific rules about not dumping your pool water into the street.  See this flyer for more information on the correct way to backwash or drain your pool.

It's not an HOA thing... just passing along the information.

From Me

I'm available if you have any questions, concerns, or comments -- primarily via Email (reply to this newsletter or click the Email icon below) and from the web site's contact/feedback page.  I get a couple of contacts from the community each month, sometimes HOA-related, and other times not... either way, I try to help out the best I can.

I hope to see you at this Thursday's Annual Member Meeting online.

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