Positive Moves for Rio Crossing in 2020

Hi, friends and neighbors!

I hope all of you and your extended families and friendship circles had a safe and happy holiday season, and are ready for the excitement and challenges ahead in 2020 and beyond.

This month's information is in letter form -- something I've done a time or two, and seems to be appreciated by most of you.  The usual information (bulk and holiday schedules, monthly board meeting, etc.) is down below under the appropriate heading.

New Association Reserve Study

In 2019 the association had a new Reserve Study done.  What's a Reserve Study?  Take a look at this video for a quick look into what a Reserve Study is and why it's important to you, as well as a quick peek into some of the contents of the Reserve Study. The short answer is, a Reserve Study is a repair and maintenance plan for the assets of the association.  You'll want to watch the video to get the big picture!

We'll have more informative videos this year on association topics.  I know most of you don't have the time to devote to coming to board meetings, but these videos will help you understand how the association operates, including a look into the finances.  If you're the type that can't be bothered with all the "official documents" and paper in the mail, at least take a look at the videos coming on our YouTube channel soon. You owe it to yourself to be knowledgeable about your association.

Management Company Transition

All owners (as members of the association) should know about the transition of management companies -- from AAM to PDS. There are new phone numbers, new addresses, and new web sites for information.  If you have not received any information (or got it, but now it's gone), please keep on the lookout for a postcard coming the mail with some additional information.

Here is the contact information for our community manager.  If you have any questions or issues, call their Customer Service line -- someone there can likely help you.  I like this approach as opposed to calling Lisa's phone number directly.  At PDS they don't roll over to voice mail if you call them... it rolls over to the Customer Service line, where ~60% of all calls are handled directly on the first call. 

Community Manager: Lisa Riesland
Email Address:
Direct Number: 623-687-9016
PDS Customer Service: 623-877-1396

Account Web Site

With the transition to PDS, there's a web site where you can find all the community documents (CC&Rs, Bylaws, Architectural Rules).  Soon you'll be able to do a lot more there as well -- there are a couple of areas still being populated with historical documents and other association-related links.

There's a registration process that may link you directly to your account... if it can't link you directly, there'll be a small delay (a day or so) while someone looks up your information and makes the link manually.

Go here to register and link up your account: 

Tours and Violations

I hate having to talk about violation notices -- but it has to be done.  The good news for some of you is that the previous management company stopped community tours and violation notices several months ago.  Fortunately, most of you have done a pretty good job at keeping your place in good shape.  The new management company has already sent out some violation notices for some violations, like parking on gravel, and major lot clean-up issues. 

They haven't been sending out notices for some of the more minor things, but over the next month or so you'll see a bit more "careful review" of lot conditions.  We know the monsoons-that-never-happened came as early winter rains, and everyone has a few grass clumps growing in the granite.  You should spray your weeds soon so they're on their way down over the next couple of weeks.

There are also a number of issues that the previous management company rarely (or never) generated violation notices about.  For example, in the summer of 2018 (yes, over a year ago) we had a pretty major windstorm that blew through and knocked off roof tiles on a number of homes.  Some of us have not yet repaired those tiles -- 18 months later.  You'll start to get notices about things like that.  Nobody wants to receive these notices, and nobody wants the homes around them to be run-down and in need of repair.  If you have special circumstances or need additional time, let the management company know.  My advice is to never ignore a violation notice... if you can't take care of the issue, at least contact the management company and let them know you are working on it, with an estimated time to repair it.

Bulk Week & Holiday Schedule

Bulk Week is always "the week of the second Monday of the month."  This month, that's January 13-17.   Thanks to all of you that only put out bulk trash during the actual Bulk Week.  The new management company will start checking for "early bulk trash violations".  Please do not put out bulk trash earlier than the weekend just before bulk week.  See Avondale info on Bulk Trash.

See the Avondale Holiday trash/recycle schedule.  Today (January 2) isn't recycle day... tomorrow is (January 3)!  So if you put out your recycle bin today, leave it for tomorrow. 

Also, both trash and recycling pickup will be delayed by a day the week of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  Trash on Tuesday January 21, and recycling on Friday January 24.

Christmas Tree Recycling

There are two ways to recycle your "used tree" -- both of them require that you remove all ornaments, decorations, and lights!
  1. Take your tree to A to Z Equipment at 803 E. Van Buren St.  See this web page with more information from the city of Avondale before you go!
  2. Wait until January 13 -- then you can place your tree out for bulk pickup. Keep it separate from other items!!  See more info near the bottom of the web page for this option.

January Board Meeting

The Regular Board Meeting is on the fourth Wednesday evening -- this month on Wednesday, January 22 at the Palm Valley Community Center.  More information, including the address of the Center, is available here.

The Design Review Committee meets at 6:30pm, the same night & location just before the board meeting.  If you have an Architectural Request for us to review, it's nice if you'll come to the meeting so if we have questions, your request isn't delayed.

We've had a number of homeowners attend recent board meetings, some folks who have been in the neighborhood for years, and some who recently came to Rio Crossing.  We're always happy to see members at the board meetings!

Wave and be friendly to all our neighbors!

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