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Hi, friends and neighbors!

Hopefully you have received the information sent out by PDS via Email, but for those of you that haven't, here's a recap with a little more detail.

Saturday's Town Hall is now Electronic/Online Only

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We had previously announced a Rio Crossing Town Hall Meeting for tomorrow (Saturday) morning March 21 at 11amThis meeting will still be held at this same date and time!  However, with the current COVID-19 health situation we're all painfully aware of, we won't be gathering at the Roma Park Ramada.

Instead, we'll meet electronically!  I have set up a GoToMeeting event, and there is information on our web site here.  You can join from your computer or mobile device, and there will be video and audio available directly from the application, or if you want to participate via phone, you can also dial in.

(Note: If you have the previous online meeting information using RingCentral/Zoom... it's moved to GoToMeeting now. Be sure you get the latest contact information here.  I believe I've updated everything, but if you see a reference to old contact info, please let me know.)

The original intent was to discuss the Landscape Revitalization Project -- which we will still do -- but I'm open to discussion and questions you might have on most any (reasonable) topic.  If there are HOA-specific questions that would require a board discussion and meeting, I might defer some questions, but in general, I'm a pretty open, transparent communicator, and happy to be informative when I can.  


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Set-Up GoToMeeting in Advance

Community Events Postponed

In my association news for March (see items from email, YouTube, podcast) I mentioned that we were planning a community garage sale and a social event for some time in April.  At the March 12 board meeting, we decided to postpone these until the health situation has improved.

How many gamers do we have in the community?  We could have an online game event!  If you can think of ways to have community social events electronically, let me know. (reply to this email)

Board Meeting Changes

At our March board meeting, we decided to cancel the April board meeting, since there was no specific business that would need the board's attention. It wasn't really a COVID-19 decision.  Things have been running pretty smoothly, and the board has been considering moving to bi-monthly meetings as long as we can still get the business of the association done.  It has helped that I can approve some of the very mundane and routine items that are already budgeted.

Assuming it's okay to meet in person at the next meeting (scheduled in May), you should be aware that we've moved the venue for meetings back to the Avondale Civic Center.  The date has also changed to the second Thursday of May. See this link for more.

But if the health situation still warrants "social distancing", we'll conduct an electronic meeting instead.  More information as we get closer to the date.

Planned Development Services - PDS

I've been in contact with a number of you, following up on your requests and interactions with the staff at PDS.  Our transition to them is relatively complete and stable, and I have to say that I appreciate the positive way they interact with the association members and residents.  Here is our community manager's contact information again.  I'm always interested in your feedback any time you contact PDS -- I want to know how they're doing.

Community Manager: Lisa Riesland
Email Address:
Direct Number: 623-687-9016
PDS Customer Service: 623-877-1396

Wave and be friendly to all our neighbors!

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