Weed Alert!

After rain… the weeds.

We love the rain, especially when it’s nice and gentle and makes everything smell clean and fresh (as opposed to blowing tiles off of roofs and taking down trees). But the weeds in our yards love the rain too. And by “weeds”, we also mean “grass where there shouldn’t be grass”.

We’ve asked the management company to “look the other way” this week and next week, to give you an opportunity to look at your yard and do whatever needs to be done to get it “back into shape”.

But starting the week of March 1, they’ll be sending out the “courtesy notices” if you need a little reminder. Did you know our policy says the first notice is a “courtesy notice”, and the second notice is “requesting compliance” but no fine. Don’t wait for that third notice though… at that point there’s a $25 fine assessed. If you have a specific circumstance that prevents you from addressing the weed issue (or any other issue), often an email or phone call to our community manager will provide you some extra time.

If you want to review the current association Violation and Fine Policy, see this page for instructions on how to download it, or any of our governing documents.

Want some help on how to take care of those pesky green sprouts? Check out this blog article from 2019 with helpful hints.

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