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There used to be silence around climate change. But now good news keeps flowing - as the saying goes 'remove the log and the river will flow'. In 2019 we have seen:

  • The introduction of the ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) in London which generated headlines that the car is no longer king!
  • David Attenborough will be talking about the impacts of global warming on BBC 1 and crucially what we can do about it.
  • The school strikes and extinction rebellion are helping to shine a light on this urgent subject.
  • Numerous councils have declared climate emergencies including my own in Somerset.
Change is in the air. But greenhouse gas emission levels are still increasing and the UK is on track to miss carbon reduction targets by a widening margin, so if you do one thing this month please invite your friends around to watch “Climate change – the facts” BBC 1 on the 18th April at 9pm and help to spread the message.

Best wishes

Angela Terry MSc MEI

New articles


"Is climate change real?"

Recently I was asked this question. It seems strange that people are still asking this when we see evidence of it all around us.

The hottest 20 years on record have happened in the last 22 years with the last four being the hottest. The impacts of climate change are already being felt in the UK.

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The biggest use of energy in the UK by far is neither electricity or transport but heat. Heating our homes may be one of the biggest demands for energy, but there are many ways to reduce our energy bills.

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As London implements an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), we celebrate a great step forwards in the fight to bring clean air to our cities and take polluting vehicles off our streets.


Sustainable fashion aims to help solve the many ways the fashion industry is damaging the environment. From the pesticides and toxins from producing fibres, to greenhouse gases caused by clothing in landfill, the one thing we can all agree on is that it’s time to change.

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In the news
In the last few weeks, One Home's founder, Angela Terry, has been featured across the news.

Here's a piece for the Metro, highlighting how February’s hot weather seems fun but the cost is fires, floods and famine, about how the impacts of climate change are being felt in the UK.

Elsewhere, Angela penned a guest article for the Powerful Women website about how women can find their voice when they can be missing from public debates on the future of energy.

No more business as usual: setting out the priorities for businesses in the fight against climate change for environment and sustainability professionals in TRANSFORM.

You can find all of One Home's media appearances in our Press Coverage section.
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What we're reading

ULEZ: New pollution charge begins in London

Drivers of older, more polluting vehicles are being charged to enter the congestion zone area at any time.

Transport for London (TfL) hopes the move will reduce the number of polluting cars in the capital, and estimates about 40,000 vehicles will be affected every day.

David Attenborough to present “unflinching” BBC climate change film

David Attenborough is returning to BBC1 for a one-off film tackling climate change.

In Climate Change: the Facts, Attenborough will examine “the science of climate change and the potential solutions to this global threat”.

The documentary will also focus on the impact of global warming and explore the innovations, technology and actions available to viewers and the world’s governments to prevent further damage.

Climate crisis: today’s children face lives with tiny carbon footprints

Children born today will have to live their lives with drastically smaller carbon footprints than their grandparents if climate change is to be controlled.

‘Ryanair is the new coal’: airline enters EU’s top 10 emitters list

Ryanair has become the first non-coal company to join Europe’s top 10 carbon emitters, according to EU figures.

The Irish airline, which transports 130 million people a year, declared 9.9 megatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions in 2018, up 6.9% on last year and 49% over the last five years, according to data in the EU’s latest emissions trading system registry.

UK's 2018 carbon dioxide emissions caused a chunk of Arctic sea ice the combined size of Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Manchester to melt

The UK's carbon dioxide emissions for 2018 were enough to melt an area of sea ice larger than the size of Cardiff, Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingham combined. 

Renters’ energy bills could shrink by £180 a year due to new home efficiency laws

Hundreds of thousands of renters could see gas and electricity bills fall by £180 a year due to new home energy efficiency laws.

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