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On this sunny day, we can’t ignore everyone suffering in Ukraine as they are bombarded by the Russian army. One of the many impacts of this illegal war is increasing the price of fossil fuels even further. Citizens Advice say a staggering 14.5 million people will be unable to pay their energy bills from October. Better insulated homes and investing in green heat and power are the only ways to solve the cost-of-living crisis, reduce income to Putin and tackle the climate emergency.  

The latest report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change gives a detailed assessment of climate change impacts, risks and adaptation. “Billions of people around the world are already suffering because of the climate crisis and many of its impacts are already ‘irreversible’. We have a short window in which to tackle the worst of it.” But there is good news. The plummeting cost of clean renewable energy means that reaching net zero would have a positive cost to UK plc of 0.5% of GDP according to the Climate Change Committee, so we have a saving not an expense from keeping our planet habitable!
Last week I was delighted to give evidence along these lines to the House of Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee. My main points were we need urgent Government policies especially on energy efficiency and transport and we need to engage the public on this mission.

One Home is a small organisation but we are filling an urgent need for advice, which is why we are investing in the redevelopment of our website. If you could spare 7 minutes of your time today for our website survey - your ideas and experience will really help us plan our focus going forward.
Thank you and hope you enjoy the sunshine.

Best wishes,

Angela Terry MSc MEI
CEO One Home

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