Spring has Sprung
in the Northern Hemisphere

Managing these extraordinary times can be extremely challenging.  So in the spirit of the season of renewal and revival here are some positive suggestions on how to thrive rather than just survive these strange times. 

One of the numerous inspirational webinars I have attended offered another way looking at COVID-19 as:

‘Collective, Opportunity, Vidya’  

Vidya translates from Sanscrit as:
‘valid knowledge which cannot be contradicted, true knowledge of Self intuitively gained’. 

Maybe a way to reframe this time is a:

Collective Opportunity for Self ...

...Intuitively Gained”

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Yoga in Daily Life:

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Although home will always be Africa, I am blessed to live in the ‘Hundred Acre Wood’ of ‘Winnie the Pooh’ acclaim in Sussex, UK. With the current lockdown I have time to indulge in a daily 90min walk to check on my 30 year old Irish Cob, ‘Orion’. This takes me through the ancient wood to witness the subtle and profound changes nature is making during this renewal. The purple hue of the winter birch has transformed with lime green leaves emerging against silver white trunks. The green carpet foliage under the trees has burst into thousands of bluebells, intoxicating the air.  The beech trees are swollen with buds all waiting in the wings for their timely entrance with other trees in the wood.  The birdsong is profound. With the absence of traffic and aircraft hum, the variety of song offers a celebratory cacophony to the air, woodpeckers are busy, insects abound and I even spied the Easter Bunny this morning…

Spring offers the opportunity to shift, a seasonal transition from the introverted winter, to the extroverted summer.  Traditionally Ayurveda recommends an equinox cleanse to clear accumulated waste (ama)  from the winter months.  In the wood this is evident as the new bracken fronds uncurl leaving behind the dead leaves which in turn compost the soil.  However in these unprecedented times, we are discouraging detox this spring as the inevitable slight dip in immunity at the end of a cleanse, can leave the body vulnerable to opportunistic pathogens.  Without the rigour of a structured cleanse there are many ways of shedding the winter load by simply managing your daily routine to improve metabolic function and immunity.

“Change your schedule…

...Change your life”

This strange time is aggravating Vata dosha.  Symptoms of imbalance include anxiety, fear, restlessness, fatigue, irregular appetite, indigestion, constipation and insomnia.  Also struggling with our daily routines can further throw us out of balance.  Imbalance inevitably offers more space for disturbing thoughts and distractions…and so the spiral continues….

Ayurveda, an ancient traditional holistic health care system, promotes lifestyle and dietary adjustments as powerful interventions, to prevent and treat dis-ease, to regain and support health. These interventions are easily accessible and can be individually adapted to hugely impact personal wellbeing. 

Ayurvedic lifestyle intervention uses timing to regain balance by simply following nature’s rhythms.  If you have time on your hands experiment with adjusting your rhythm. Start by aligning to nature’s circadian rhythm using:

 '12 hours for fuel and tasks and.. 

...12 hours to rest and restore’.

This can have a profound effect on the nervous system by balancing the sympathetic (fight and flight) response with the parasympathetic (rest and restore) response.  Initially implement this rhythm three days a week and progressively build up to five days a week.  By resisting habitual override and consciously realigning with your body’s natural rhythms, will develop awareness of a positive shift. Progressively this will develop into habits that support wellbeing. 

Ayurveda attributes this to the science of dinacharya.  

From Sanscrit:
  translates as ‘day’ and archarya’  as ‘teacher, leader, mentor, learned in conduct’

"The rhythm of the day...

...becomes the teacher"

Efficient Dinacharya observes regular:

  • sleeping and waking
  • evacuation and hygiene
  • warm oil massage - abhyanga
  • exercise - yoga and pranayama 
  • meals 
  • tasks, work and study
  • relaxation - yoga nidra
  • reflection and meditation

Abhyanga is warm oil massage.
There is no greater expression of self-love than anointing ourselves with warm oil.  A daily practice can restore balance to the doshas, particularly Vata dosha. Regular practise is recommended with a restorative evening foot massage and/or a vitalising whole body morning routine, followed by a warm shower.  

Regular daily exercise is important including walking in nature and practising yoga and pranayama.  This is the perfect time to start a home yoga routine and there is plenty of help to get started.  My lovely daughter Nikita is an online chef and virtual retreat collaborator at VeganWise. (check out her delicious recipes at Vegan_wise on Insta/Fb). Her enthusiasm for online teaching inspired me to embrace the technology. So with support from my wonderful students I currently offer five online classes a week:

  • 2 mornings (Tuesday & Friday)
  • 2 evenings (Tuesday & Thursday)
  • new 45min Yoga Nidra class (Wednesday evenings) to manage Vata and improve restorative sleep.

So I invite you to come along, join in and have a go, with a trial introductory offer of:

**£15 per week for ...

...unlimited classes**

Ayurvedic dietary adjustments can be as simple as discerning food: 

"...quality, quantity and timing..."

Experiment by adjusting your dietary habits with these suggestions:

  • regular meals
  • lunchtime main, lighter breakfast/dinner
  • evening meal around sunset
  • light, cooked, easily digestible food (avoid heavy food)
  • eat freshly prepared colourful food inc. red, orange, yellow, purple, brown and lots of greens.
  • apples/oranges are fab fruit choices at the moment (between meals)
  • hydrate with warm boiled water
  • reduce snacking and processed food
  • reduce sugar and alcohol (they suppress immunity!)
  • reduce caffeine after midday
  • increase herbal teas inc. ginger/lemon, coriander, cardamon, tulsi and sage 
  • cultivate ferments (apple cider vinegar, yogurt) 
  • use herbs and spices ‘little and often’ inc. ginger, garlic, mustard seed, coriander, cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamon, tulsi, asafoetida, sage and oregano. 

Find time to nourish yourself to thrive rather than just survive these unprecedented times. Nurture yourself first.  This increases capacity to support others around you which ultimately affects the greater whole. Start by selecting and imbedding one adjustment for a day and then a week …and reflect on your progress in a journal.  Developing self awareness and consciously adjusting your rhythm will support your longer term health and wellbeing….Let me know how you get on and if you have any questions. Also if you want a more personalised approach get in touch, as I continue to offer Ayurvedic consultation online. 

These are general offerings to adjust and align with your personal health history.   Remember to discuss any individual concerns with your health advisor in accordance with Government guidelines to stay safe during this time.

“That person who always eats wholesome food, enjoys a regular lifestyle, remains unattached to the objects of the senses, gives and forgives, loves truth, and serves others, is without disease.” 
Vagbhata Sutrasthana


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