SPRING offers the promise of new beginnings so we are truly excited to be launching Kriya Ayurvedaat this time.  As the earth awakens take your time to look around and observe the seasonal change.  The Ayurvedic lifestyle encourages us to align with nature’s rhythms by identifying and making lifestyle adjustments to restore balance.  In this seasonal newssheet we will share some ideas on how to manage this transition….

Have a look at some of the workshops we are offering:

Transforming Menopause with Ayurveda and Yoga : Sussex

An Ayurvedic Perspective with Dr. Vijay Murthy : Sussex

Transforming Menopause with Ayurveda and Yoga : Cornwall

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The root of the Sanscrit word ‘Kriya' literally means ‘to do’ and the true ‘Kriya’ technique always involves working to improve the flow of subtle energy within the mind-body complex. SPRING is the ideal time to improve this flow by clearing the accumulation of undigested toxins (ama) from the winter months. Book a consultation to determine your individual constitution (prakruti) and receive a personalised programme to restore balance the Ayurvedic way, using lifestyle and dietary adjustments, body work, yoga and herbal supplements

Routine regulates our biological clock aiding digestion, absorption and assimilation, and restoring balance with our individual constitution (prakruti). This improves self-esteem, discipline, peace, happiness and longevity. Regulating our daily routine (dinacharya) is fundamental to bringing about radical changes in body, mind and consciousness.

Start by waking early to allow time to establish a nourishing morning routine. Set a positive intention or affirmation (sankalpa) to start your day. Splash cold water onto your face, rinse your mouth and drink a glass of room temperature water filled the night before. If done at the same time each day this can stimulate a regular bowel movement. Wash your hands and scrape your tongue with a copper tongue scraper.

Tongue scraping reduces undesirable bacteria and odours, improves taste and reduces the accumulation of undigested toxins (ama) (
Follow with a large glass of cooled boiled water with a slice of organic lemon to clear undigested waste from the gastrointestinal tract (  Then gargle with warm organic sesame oil (oil pulling) to strengthen teeth, gums and jaw and improve the voice.  Lovingly apply the warmed oil over your body (abhyanga) to nourish, strengthen and tone the skin and underlying tissues.  This stimulates circulation, improves cellular metabolism (agni), restores energetic balance, reduces the effects of ageing and increases longevity.  Let the oil soak in while you place 3-5 drops of the warmed oil into each nostril to lubricate the nose (nasya), clean the sinuses, improve vision and mental clarity.  Follow with a warm shower and then brush your teeth.  Exercise, including yoga with breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation, is best done as part of your morning routine.

Next time we will expand on your daily routine (dinacharya) to include mealtimes….

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