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Consuelo Lodge No. 325

From the East

Wor. Tracy Reynolds

     As the year 2020 winds down, I look back on the things that occurred and look forward to passing leadership of our Lodge to the capable hands of our Senior Warden, Jesse Middleton and Junior Warden Jeff Powell. I realized the opportunity to serve in a way that no other Master has done in the past. I was advised by the best and though it seems like I may not have taken some of that advice, I found that timing is a critical factor for any choice that gets made. I constantly relied on the echoes of my lessons. The core philosophy that has been passed on to me and is one of the great Truth’s in my life is that many hands make Light work. Any successes, that can be counted for this year, were the result of you, my Brothers, coming together and giving your skills, ability and time to build an increased inheritance for the future.
     I am honored to have been elected to serve as Master for this year. I have served during a time that presented many challenges that no other Master has faced before. It would have been so much different, had I not been prepared to be flexible. We accomplished a lot regardless of the hurdles.
     We have been advised on how we may proceed with Stated meetings, elections and holding Installations virtually. The weekly Monday meetings have been pretty successful as we come together and share ideas, check in with our Brothers and discuss possible outcomes. We are Speculative Masons. Discussing possibilities and making choices to achieve a best possible outcome is what we can expect.
     We will be announcing details on how to proceed with the upcoming Lodge elections and Installation soon. Please plan on adding your voice and make the meetings held on Monday nights starting at 6:30. We will be sending out emails with details on the proceedings as we want all our Brothers to have a say in the future of our Lodge.
     I am sure you have all heard about the meteor the size of a refrigerator that may or may not pass by or even enter the earth’s atmosphere on Nov 2, 2020. I ask myself what else could happen… and are we ready for it. I think that whatever happens, we will deal with it, not with worried anger or frustration but with sound, rational thinking. We will make choices that will influence the future. Let us choose wisely.
     May GOD bless You all with the ability to serve His will and see the miracles that unfold as a result.

From the West

Bro. Jesse Middleton

     My Brothers, We are now in November. The days are quickly getting shorter, nights are colder, and in many parts of the globe, nature is going into a dormant phase. As I write this I look out the window at about two feet of snow, the thermometer reads -14 and at 0930, the Sun has not even come up yet  here in North Pole, Alaska. We're in the eighth or ninth month of the pandemic, and with numbers continuing to climb, there doesn't appear to be any end in sight. National elections are up, which has cast even more concern and unease upon the people of our great country. It seems 2020 has been testing our faith and resiliency every step of the way. Many have been isolated and disconnected from both society and their daily routine, some have lost their jobs and businesses, while others have fallen ill and passed.
As I write this, I am reflecting. My brother-in-law passed this last week in a motor vehicle accident. There is nothing that can be said that would bring him back, or fill the void in the hearts of those that loved him. How quickly the world can change, when at one moment you are at work joking around with some of your closest friends, and the next minute you are rushing home to attempt to console a loved one. We are fortunate in the fact that we were able to drop everything and leave on such short notice, which let me tell you would not have been possible without my Brothers. While I write this, I have five Brothers that are taking care of necessities at my house on a daily basis. I reached out in a time of need and there they were, no hesitation, no questions other than, "What can I do to help?" I have to say, it took me a few years, but I have found what Freemasonry is all about. It's about an extended family who is willing to go out on that rough and rugged road for you. It's about a group of men, and sometimes their better half, who answer the call when you need it most and are willing to sacrifice a part of their time and comfort just for you.
     When things become difficult, when you need someone to lean on, when the struggles of life become so real you start to feel smothered, reach out to a Brother. We are all here to help each other through this experience called life. Nobody has all the answers, there are no secrets to learn that will stop you from feeling pain and despair, but there is a group of men who have taken an oath to bare the burden with you, who will stand beside you and do everything they can to make it a little more manageable. How great a feeling, when having to make travel arrangements and get COVID tests, to have Wor. Doug Ford, Bro. Bernard Larson, Bro. Jason Roach, Bro. Raphael Pena, and Bro. Dan Currie answered my need of having someone watch over the house when we are gone. All of your actions are a testament to the fraternity, what it means to be a brother, and to how great men can have an affect on those around them, Karla and I truly thank you all.
     As we move forward, as this year slowly comes to an end, remember you always have a Brother to your left and to your right. Though you may feel alone, there are many of us out here willing to help a Brother out in any way we can. Nobody should have to face anything on their own, especially at Consuelo Lodge. We are a fraternity that gathers its strength from the numbers of men willing to give up a part of themselves to help a Brother in need. My Brothers, please don't be ashamed or afraid to ask for help, we all need somebody at some point, and nobody makes it to the top on their own. I am forever grateful for the lessons I have learned these past few days, for my Brothers, and for being a Freemason of Consuelo #325.

From the South

Bro. Jeff Powell

     For the first few articles that I submitted this year, I remember commenting on how quickly the year seemed like it was going. Here we are now in November, and it seems to me that the second half of this year has gone by much slower than the first half. With the coronavirus pandemic disrupting our daily lives, and Masonry in California in general, this year has been disappointing to me. It’s not good that our lodge is having zero new members. I really miss initiating new brothers into our fraternity and sharing the Masonic experience. I can be as patient as needed, but if the Grand Master allowed us to meet tomorrow, I would be there without hesitation.
     I am grateful however for the few things that we can still participate in, such as in our online gatherings. It has also been great to run into brothers from time to time in non-masonic settings. One fortunate thing was last month I attended the ‘virtual’ Grand Lodge Annual Communication. At this event, we got to hear from Grand Lodge officers, vote on a couple of initiatives, and install the new Grand Master. One of the initiatives were to allow lodges to hold ‘virtual’ stated meetings, and ‘virtual’ installations. These virtual meetings are at least a small step in the right direction.
     I have also stayed involved with our DeMolay and Job’s Daughter’s youth groups. At the beginning of the pandemic, DeMolay decided not to hold virtual meetings. However, we did not anticipate the pandemic lasting so long, and are planning to begin holding online meetings soon. 
     Job’s Daughters has continued with online meetings during their regularly scheduled meeting times. They have also had several online gatherings where they would all work on a craft. They have also had a virtual installation ceremony, and recently had a virtual Grand Guardian Official Visit in a joint meeting with other San Diego Bethels. One good thing about Job’s Daughters is there are several girls waiting to join. The idea of having virtual initiation ceremonies have been discussed.
     What keeps me motivated through all of the negatives of the current situation, is to look at the many positive things that are occurring, while also hoping that things return back to normal again soon, and when they do, I think I will appreciate them even more than before.

Masonic Lodge Officers

Wor. Tracy Reynolds
Senior Warden

Jesse D. Middleton
Junior Warden

Jeffrey D. Powell


George L. Tegart, PM


Douglas E. Ford, PM

Dean E. Natwick, PM
Senior Deacon

Jon G. Rick
Junior Deacon

Jason A. Roach


Patrick G. Scoggins
Senior Steward

Roger D. Parker
Junior Steward

Christopher W. Clark
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