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Consuelo Lodge No. 325

From the East

Wor. Tracy Reynolds

     I hope this finds you all safe and well. Elections will be held at our first virtual stated meeting on December 14, 2020.  The meeting will start at 7:30 per Consuelo by laws. Please look for the meeting details and be there to support our Brethren who have worked very hard to prepare for the possibility of being elected to serve our Lodge in 2021. Please look for details for the meeting as the date grows nearer.
     If You know a Brother that does not have internet connectivity, and would like to add his vote, please let me know and we will try and assist so that he can attend. Voting is open only to Consuelo Master Masons in good standing.
     Please join me in showing support for the Leadership of our Lodge for 2021.
The slate for 2021:
     Brother Jesse Middleton-Master for 2021
     Brother Jeff Powell-Senior Warden for 2021
     Brother Jon Rick-Junior Warden for 2021
     Worshipful Brother Doug Ford-Secretary for 2021
     Worshipful Brother Geroge Tegart-Treasurer for 2021
We will also be voting on payment of bills and other Lodge business during this virtual Stated meeting.
     During this meeting, we must be careful not to show any signs or do anything that involves ritual that is performed in a tiled Lodge only.
     Installation is scheduled for January 9th, 2021 at 11am. This will also be done virtually. There will be meeting information emailed out as the date grows near. Please plan on attending so that we support Consuelo Leadership as we head into a new year.
Adventures are like roller coasters.
We get on and depend on the relative safety of the equipment to make this dangerous activity seem safe as we speed toward the ground and bolt toward the sky. In all likelihood we will probably live through the experience, yet we are changed by it.
     This year has been tough on us. We are living the experience and doing what speculative Masons do. Though we try to hedge our choices with knowledge, rational thinking and contemplation, choices can set into motion far reaching consequences
as they touch the consequences of another's decisions. 
     As we look past the stop signs, redlights, curves and in the rear view morror, we see 
the path, the drivers arounds us, and signs. We do our best to make decisions, all along the way, that will move us toward a desired outcome using our discovered tools to help us navigate and move through our time here.
   Tools can be unusual. It has been said that, if your only tool is a hammer, every problem will seem like a nail. Thanks for indulging that little bit of philosophical waxing...hope it was fun.

What has been happening lately?
There are two 50 year recipients: Worshipful Walt Dill and Brother Jack Owens. Thanks to all who made this possible.
     We have been having very casual, Monday night ZOOM meetings. They were very fun and interesting. I got a sense that the attendees were there because they wanted to be there. It was fun, though raucus at times.
     C and D Wednesdays have been quietly held. All safe guards were followed to the T and when caution was required, a Brother made sure that the vitrual ZOOM door was open and all Brothers were welcome.
     Greeting cards were provided by Rainbow Girls and were delivered to our Widows before Thanksgiving along with a stuffed teddy animal and a gift card. They were delivered by Eastern Star Sisters and Brothers, Rainbow Girls and Consuelo Brothers working together. It was safe and fun.
     Consuelo's yearly gift of poinsettia's to our Widows were delivered by Eastern Star Sisters and Brothers. 
     A Community Cleanup was requested by steady renter. Several volunteers showed up at our Lodge to do some major projects. Many volunteers worked together while keeping at least six feet away from each other. It was safe and fun.
     The EMHA President and the Consuelo Hall Manager have done a great job keeping our facility in compliance. Even considering the continual challenges of dealing with the constant barage of destructive people that  sometimes occupy, and mar, our resources.
     The loading of the chest has begun! Thanks to all who contributed ie: Job's Daughters, Demolay and Rainbow Girls. The letters, stories, pictures and memorabilia will be sent to the year 2045 as testament to what we are experiencing right now. 
     Novus Veretis installed officers for the ensuing 2021 year on Saturday December 6th. Congratulations to the new Leadership. Worshipful Mike Singer, been waiting a time with patience that I may call you that!
     Rainbow Girls held thier installation on December 5th. Congratulations to all the elected officials! Please support our Youth groups whenever possible.
    This may be my last Trestlelboard as an officer of Consuelo, maybe not. We will see  what the Great Architect has in store for me. I have enjoyed sharing my bent on the world with you, greatly. I would be remiss if I did not thank those who have helped so much in this uncertain year as well as all previous years. 
     So to hold safe from any blame, those people, I take full responsibility for anything that was done this year. After all, I am the Master of the Lodge. I have been biting my tongue to keep from mentioning names.
     Our acTeam is still alive and well, looking forward to the time when Child ID may offer our services and we may meet again. Thanks very much for Your support!
     My Brother's, where were You first made a Mason? I miss you all...greatly. I hope we can meet sometime in the near future to discuss our successes, failures and to speculate on our future.

From the West

Bro. Jesse Middleton

     My Brothers, elections will be held very soon and, God willing, I will be elected to lead Consuelo for the year 2021. I do not take this position lightly, and I have spent much of the last year putting together some ideas about what it would take to guide the lodge and our fraternity out of the current state we find ourselves in. 
     Personally, I see the mission of Consuelo Lodge as preserving the fading traditions of Freemasonry while fostering an atmosphere where our Brothers are encouraged to take a leadership role both in their community and within the fraternity. With our focus on continuous improvement, we ensure the Lodge will continue to grow and have a positive effect on the future. Members of Consuelo Lodge are expected to live out the Masonic tenets of brotherly love, relief, and truth. For all participating Brethren, if you put in the time and effort, you will receive an experience that pushes you to both better yourself and the community around you.
     If I am fortunate enough to be elected as Master of Consuelo Lodge, it will be my intent that the Brothers of the Lodge, as a team, pursue projects that promote personal growth through the experiences of supporting local charities, social events, and Masonic degrees. It is my opinion that the success of these projects fosters a stronger, more attractive community image, builds stronger fraternal relationships, and improves each individual Brother.  It also puts the fraternity in a position to attract more highly desirable candidates, whereby we may continue to discuss and stretch the tenets of Freemasonry. Never doubt the positive influence we will have on our Brethren and the community.
     Social events this year will be at a premium. Once we are permitted to again enjoy each other’s fellowship in person, we will participate in social events with the purpose of promoting Brotherly Love and a much stronger fraternal tie. Events will be spaced throughout the year to give plenty of time for preparation and adjustments. Some of the highlights will include a re-opening barbeque where Brothers and their families will be invited back to the lodge once Grand Lodge has given the all-clear. This event will be very casual and is intended solely to get everyone back together again. We can all look forward to a Table Lodge later in the year, and possibly a whole Saturday set aside for Masonic education where Masons from all over the county will be invited to provide a paper and discussion on all things Masonic. All of these events will have a planning committee which will be followed up with a survey to all who attended seeking their input on the success of the event and what can be done better.
     We will be focusing on our community involvement this year and striving to improve how Escondido views Masons in their community. These events will be small and simple, but I assure you will have an impact on our community.  Some of the ideas that I have include, but are not limited to, assisting the Red Cross by hosting a blood drive, doing a back-pack drive for schools in our community, assisting with a food pantry or soup kitchen, a First Responders breakfast, and including the Youth Organizations. What we can pass on to the youth is priceless, and we owe it to them to create a setting where they are able to surpass what we have accomplished.
     We haven’t held a degree in almost a whole calendar year. Consuelo Lodge has always been known for their degree work, and this year will be no different. As a team, Consuelo Lodge will again be working to be the premier Lodge in North County San Diego when it comes to degree work and preparation. We will be focusing on quality, not quantity. The whole experience for the candidate will be taken into account, from the first time he inquires about our Lodge, until he walks out at the end of the night of his first degree. I would like to take into consideration the following to create an experience for our Brothers that will exceed anything they expected from their initial experience, and to continue to carry that awe through their journey from degree to degree.  When Degrees are scheduled, we will go back to having our Entered Apprentices in white gloves greeting all who come to the door. A Brother will be assigned to meet and greet the candidate when they arrive. This Brother will then be the candidates guide until the start of the degree. Currently, I am in the process of determining if a “Chamber of Reflection” is possible at Consuelo, and just what it would take to create one that is meaningful and well done. At the end of these degrees the candidates coach will rise and offer the newly initiated Brother a seat after the degree. Lastly, I would like to encourage all candidates to prepare a short paper discussing their experience with the degree that they will share after giving back their proficiency. My thoughts are this will give the candidate a chance to reflect on what was intended to be taught, and for the rest of us, a chance at a new perspective.
     While these are my intentions, and a few of the ideas I have, I recommend you all to voice your opinions and share your thoughts. None of this is set in stone. This is your Lodge, and you are paying for the experience, take an active role in it. If you have something to share for the benefit of the Lodge or Masonry in general I expect you to speak up and allow your voice to be heard. Mason’s have always said you get out of Masonry what you put into it. Recently many of you filled out a survey I prepared, and I deeply appreciate all who took the time to give me the information I needed to prepare for a successful year. It is because of Brothers like you who step up and take an active role in their experience that Consuelo Lodge is able to continue to be successful.

Masonic Lodge Officers

Wor. Tracy Reynolds
Senior Warden

Jesse D. Middleton
Junior Warden

Jeffrey D. Powell


George L. Tegart, PM


Douglas E. Ford, PM

Dean E. Natwick, PM
Senior Deacon

Jon G. Rick
Junior Deacon

Jason A. Roach


Patrick G. Scoggins
Senior Steward

Roger D. Parker
Junior Steward

Christopher W. Clark
Announcements and Reminders
To be announced. Pending direction from Grand Lodge of California and government authorities (Local, State, and Federal).
December Events
To be announced. Pending direction from Grand Lodge of California and government authorities (Local, State, and Federal).

My Legion of Honor Journey

     Within the scope of our everyday lives each & every one of us is given an opportunity, and what we end up doing with those opportunities going forward may describe our destiny.

     During April of 2015 I was elected to the International Association Legions of Honor, who are veterans or active military of the armed forces and also members of the affiliate Shrine Temple in their region. There is a Commander, eight Lieutenant Commanders, a Finance Officer and an Adjutant elected.

     The current shutdown of most functions affected IALOH and our annual convention was cancelled. I am 1st Lt. Commander elect and will be installed at our annual Arlington, VA Pilgrimage in November.  During the April 2021 annual convention, I will be installed International Commander.  IALOH consists of 145 Shrine LOH units from the 196 Shrine Temples around the globe.  This will begin a year of travel and continued fellowship with my brothers who are military veterans.

Bro. Steve Walker

A Masonic Story

Bro. Tim Davison
Templar Lodge, St. Louis Park, Minnesota

     A salesman breaks down in a remote country lane, a farmer in the adjacent field comes over and they discover that they are "Brothers". The salesman is concerned as he has an important appointment in the local town: "Don't worry says the farmer you can use my car, I will call a friend and get the car repaired while you go to the appointment" Off goes the salesman and a couple of hours later he returns but unfortunately the car is awaiting a part which won’t arrive until the next morning. "It's not a problem," says the Farmer, "use my telephone and re-schedule your first appointment tomorrow, stay with us tonight and I'll see that the car is done first thing!" The farmers' wife prepares a wonderful meal and they share a glass of fine single malt during an excellent evening, the salesman sleeps soundly and when he awakes there is his car, repaired and ready to go. After a full English breakfast the salesman thanks them both for the hospitality. As he and the farmer walk to his car he turns and asks "my Brother, thank you so much but I have to ask, did you help me because I am a Mason?" "No" was the reply, "I helped you because I am a Mason". Travel well my Brother.

Your feedback helps us improve the Trestleboard. If you have any questions, request or would like to have something included, please let us know.
Bro. Julian Madril,

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