Spring 2022 | Program Newsletter

Team develops novel tool to map contaminants and protect health

NC ENVIROSCAN, a new mapping tool developed by UNC SRP researchers, allows users to visualize trends in environmental contaminants, sociodemographic information and environmental justice indicators across NC.
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Assessing environmental health literacy through a well water lens

Perceived ability to take action may be just as important as knowledge and skills in moving people from learning about an issue to taking health-protective action, according to a recent study by Kathleen Gray, PhD, leader of UNC SRP's Community Engagement Core, and collaborators.
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UNC SRP Trainee Spotlight

Don't judge bottled water by its clarity
By: Mikayla Armstrong

Clear water is not always contaminant-free.

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Findings provide insight on well placement for clean water

Research on minerals in the ground may have big impacts for well placement in NC and beyond.

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Why test your well water?

Through a collaborative effort, UNC SRP and partners developed a brochure and resource page to help inform real estate transactions with private wells.

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Two UNC SRP papers selected as NIEHS papers of the month

New research begins to connect the dots between the gut microbiome and inorganic arsenic-induced diabetes
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Analysis of NCWELL database highlights two decades of co-occurence of toxic metals in North Carolina private well water
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Awards & Presentations

  • Orlando Coronell, PhD, awarded grant by the Water Resources Research Institute to study ionic fluorogels for the removal of PFAS from water in flow-through packed-bed columns in collaboration with Professor Frank Leibfarth. (September 2021)
  • Kathleen Gray, PhD, Sarah Yelton, and Megan Rodgers Lane presented at the NIEHS Risk e-Learning web series on academics and communities collaborating to communicate risk to over 225 participants. (October 2021) 
  • Rebecca Fry, PhD, and Orlando Coronell, PhD, were invited as subject matter experts in a meeting with the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), to provide perspective regarding an assessment of technologies for PFAS. (October 2021)
  • Taylor Rene Alvarado, Owen Duckworth, PhD, and Robert Austin presented at the Soil Science Society of America Meeting on Understanding Geospatial Controls on Arsenic in Groundwater. (November 2021)
  • Hannah Peel, David Vinson, PhD, Matthew Polizzotto, PhD, and Owen Duckworth, PhD, presented at the Soil Science Society of America Meeting on Speciation and Solid-Aqueous Phase Partitioning of Arsenic and Chromium in a Piedmont Region Aquifer in North Carolina. (November 2021) 
  • Fatai Balogun, Miranda Aiken, Alireza Namayandeh, Lucas Silva, Owen Duckworth, PhD, and Matthew Polizzotto, PhD, presented at the Soil Science Society of America Meeting on Dissolved Organic Carbon Diminishes Manganese Oxide-Driven Oxidation of Chromium. (November 2021)
  • A paper on fundamental insights about membrane function, co-first authored by Mikayla Armstrong and Kasia Grzebyk, was selected as a Journal of Membrane Science Editor's Choice Article. (November 2021)
  • Andrew George, PhD, presented to the NC Lead and Healthy Homes Outreach Task Force on NC ENVIROSCAN. (November 2021)
  • Orlando Coronell, PhD, gave an invited presentation in the technical session, Emerging Topics in Electrochemical Engineering: Electrochemical Separations at the Annual Meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineering (AIChE). (November 2021)
  • Riley Vickers, presented about molecular dynamics simulations of water transport through reverse osmosis membranes in the BrightTALK, Health of Our State and Beyond Series: Access to Clean Water, University Research Week. (November 2021)
  • Rebecca Fry, PhD, presented on Current Understanding of Mechanisms Underlying Arsenic-Induced Developmental Toxicity at the Society of Toxicology (SOT) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Colloquia on Emerging Toxicological Science Challenges in Food and Ingredient Safety, Arsenic and Children's Health. (December 2021) 

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