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The return of Spring

First of may and celebrations around the 30th of April has always been a celebration of light in my life.  There are many songs that are written to celebrate different sorts of lights and for this year, I chose to celebrate with a song written by Bob Dylan, "I shall be released". 

I shall be released will be released the 30th of April on all digital streaming platforms.
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I shall be released

This song came into my life when I was asked to play at the funeral of one of my dads best friends. He had been a great fan of Bob Dylan and a truly artistic soul himself drawing political comic strips to the local newspaper. The song keeps changing in meaning for me, however, whenever I sing it, I always have a spark from that initial moment and the people involved around him in my heart when I sing it. 

Today, due to my current research on the sixth extinction and the birth of our current culture connected to the agricultural revolution 10.000 ago, I understand this lyric through the lenses of being released from our destructive lifestyle and moving forward to new, sustainable ways of life that works with the community of life, and not against it. 

Miguel Dembora, the man who mixes and masters all my current releases. 

My mix and mastering dude

I want to present you to my friend Miguel Dembora. Whenever I finish a recording of a new track, it is to him I send the file to be mixed and mastered. Then we enter into a process of sending the song back and forth to each other, Miguel making small adjustments and changes until we're happy with the mix and master. 

What I really appreciate with Miguel is his patience and willingness to go into detail work as well as his fast responsiveness and flexibility. If you ever need to mix or master a recording, I recommend getting in touch with Miguel. Discover more about him at:


I want to close todays letter with a few words of gratitude. For the friends and family I have in you. For the precious and rich encounters I have with life every day in people, animals and places in nature. For the food, vegetables and other types of food and everyone who made it possible for me to have eat that food. I wish you happy spring celebrations from the bottom of my heart, I wish for you health and well being, an inspirational weekend full of light, family and love. 

Until next week, 
Hugs and love, Erik   

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