Improved snapping and a Dark Mode toggle in Sketch 54

Sketch 54 has arrived and the latest version is packed with small but important changes, designed to improve your experience in the app. This update includes big improvements to snapping behaviour, the ability to toggle between Dark Mode and Light Mode and choose a dark or light Canvas, independent of your system settings, as well as more than 60 other enhancements and bug fixes. 

You can find out more over on our blog. 

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Featured plugins

Maze 2.0

Turn your Sketch prototype into a full UX report in minutes. Start testing for free or use MAZE_LOVES_SKETCH for 50% off any paid plan for three months.

Arrange Artboards Hierarchically

This plugin does exactly what the name implies. It lets you automatically arrange all Artboards on a page according to their name. Find out more in this blog post.


A streamlined export manager that lets you group and rename layers, and export to multiple locations from Sketch.


With this handy little plugin you can assign super quick keyboard shortcuts for your Global Colors.


So, you created the perfect design system, reflecting the brand and customers’ needs. You designed all of the components, created the Sketch symbols and wrote the documentation. The only problem is: nobody is following the documentation.

Add Specs & Guides To Sketch Symbols, Part 1: Padding

by Travis Folck


Shopping 🛒 | Digital Drawing with Sketch

by Thalia Tran

Thalia Tran is back with another beautiful illustration created entirely in Sketch. Watch the whole 

UI Design Process | Blog Article Page

by Tran Mau Tri Tam

Follow Tran Mau Tri Tam’s design process as he uses Sketch to create a clean and simple blog article page from start to finish.

Sketch, HTML and CSS Website Design 

by Skillthrive

In the latest Skillthrive tutorial you’ll learn how to design a landing page in Sketch and then take that design to the web with HTML and CSS.


Symbol Design System

Symbol is a flexible and responsive design system based on atomic elements with hundreds of possible components and variations.


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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — 25 Apr


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Seattle, WA, USA — 29 Apr


Sketch + Fajitas!

Miami, FL, USA — 01 May


Practical guide to building design systems using Sketch

Vancouver, BC, Canada — 03 May


Learn Sketch for designers like you

Bengaluru, India — 05 May


From Custom Designs to Professional Websites with Kirby Founder Bastian Allgeier

Stuttgart, Germany — 07 May


Accessibility Design: A deep dive in the design process & practices with Ace Vu

Santa Clara, CA, USA — 13 May


Sketch Munich Meetup — Design Systems Edition

Munich, Germany — 13 May