Say hello to Smart Distribute in Sketch 55

Sketch 55 is out now, and with it, we’ve introduced a brand new tool that makes it quicker and easier to work with multiple layers.

With Smart Distribute, you can select a column or row of layers, grab any of the handles that appear between them, and drag to adjust their spacing evenly.

This is just one of a new set of tools we’ll be introducing in upcoming releases of Sketch. Update to Sketch 55 today to get Smart Distribute, along with a whole host of other improvements and fixes.

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Featured plugins


Select your shapes and turn them into cascading confetti in one click. With Symbol support and plenty of pattern options to get things just right.

Sketch to Web

With Sketch to Web, you can select any Artboard in Sketch, import it into the Sparkle Mac app, and build it out as a fully functioning website.


Whatever plugin you make can become an opportunity for everyone in your team to upskill. A design system is something that everyone on the team should feel some responsibility for. It belongs to all of us.

Why your design system needs its own Sketch plugin

by Amy Rogers


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Intro to UI Design in Sketch

by Crema

George Brooks and Sean Connolly go back to basics and walk through how to get started and make the most of Sketch for UI design.

Web Design Terms, Jargon & Lingo

by Jesse Showalter

In Jesse Showalter’s latest video he breaks down some of the most common (and sometimes confusing) terms from the world of web design.


Cabana Design System

A well organised design system of over 150 components, built to help you get your project off the ground as fast as possible.


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