The new Sketch icon: how we redesigned a classic for Big Sur

Reimagining an icon that’s so well-known across the industry is no easy challenge. This week, we sat down with the project’s Design Lead, Prekesh, to talk about his goals and discuss the new icons (yes, plural) that he created for the refreshed Mac app on Big Sur.

P.S. We’re almost ready to launch real-time collaboration, so we’re holding a live event to show it off — and you’re invited! Join us on 07 December at 16:00 CET to see the new feature in action and ask your burning questions. Sign up and reserve your spot here.

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Featured Extensions

Sketch Baseline Offsetter

Take control of your baseline with this handy plugin. It makes it easy to shift an offset up or down, or apply a single offset to all your text layers. Handy.

Sketch Table Builder

This is data made simple. Take lines of CSV data and quickly turn them into a table in Sketch. All you need is a Symbol for a single cell.


The best news is that, as a Sketch user, you don’t have to buy a new Mac to feel the benefits of Apple’s M1 chip. We can deliver those improvements by upgrading our servers. And if you do have an M1 machine, we’ve made sure our Mac app can take advantage of these big performance boosts.

Switching Silicon: How Sketch performs on Apple’s new hardware

by Sketch

I use Sketch to design and maintain design systems for complex enterprise applications, and I use it for quick prototypes. Organizing your designs has never been more intuitive. It gives us, the designers, agility that back in the days we never had.

Memoroji — How we designed a side project that brings a smile

by Tomi

Because the book is illustrated with a lot of UI design examples, we were able to do them “inside the pages” instead of using external images. That way we were also able to keep all those visuals consistent, and we can easily modify and update them in the future.

How we used Sketch to put together a UI design book ★

by Michal Malewicz


Color Variables Basics

by Joseph from

Joseph is back with an in-depth look at Color Variables. It’s packed with useful tips, from organization to application.

Sketch Update 70 Review!

by Maex

Max shares his excitement about our refreshed user interface, and explores the finer details of the new Mac app design.



With kits for workflows, wireframes and handoff, this collection is packed with useful content for you to use in your next project.


Mega Doodles Pack

These off-the-wall vector illustrations are sure to add some character to your designs. We think the WTF speech bubble is especially fitting for 2020.


macOS Big Sur icons

With 2,500+ icons for all your favorite apps, you can replace any that aren’t yet updated for Big Sur. Or, y’know, create your own with Sketch.


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