Sketch raises $20m in Series A funding from Benchmark

In case you missed the news last week, we are incredibly pleased to announce that we have raised $20 million in Series A funding from Benchmark! This marks our first capital raise since we started working on Sketch nearly 10 years ago and we’re really excited that it will allow us to focus on some awesome new features, starting with the launch of Sketch for Teams early this summer.

Then, later this year, we plan to fully render your documents, add developer handoff, and allow rich collaboration, all in the browser. 

Over one million paying customers—from freelancers to some of the world’s largest companies—are now using Sketch to transform their ideas into products.

We’re so excited about what lies ahead and we’re really grateful to everyone who has joined us on this journey so far. Find out more over on the Sketch blog.

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Envato Elements

Access hundreds of free, high-quality UI kits and templates, directly in Sketch.


Get feedback on your designs based on your users’ emotional reactions.

Sketch Date and Time Data Plugin

Easily add date/time data to your designs with this official plugin.

Connection Flow Arrows

Add connection flow arrows for creating user flows, sitemaps and more.


If we would compare the designer’s toolkit to the Solar System, Sketch will be the Sun — central point of our work that binds other services and resources together. Let’s discover all of the “planets and satellites” so we will be able to explore the Universe of Digital Design.

Sketch App Universe — Tools, Plugins, Services, and Resources that saves your time

by Thalion

Unlike Low-Fidelity Prototypes which focus on the flow between screens, Anima’s High-Fidelity Prototypes empower you to focus on micro-interactions, animations, and user experience that happens within each screen.

How to Create a Spotify-inspired Prototype Using Sketch & Anima

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Sketch and Zeplin basics

by Maex

In this new series Maex takes you through the basics of getting started with Sketch and Zeplin. 

Sketch Data Tutorial

by Basti UI

For all of our French speaking users out there Basti UI has put together this awesome Data tutorial.



The most comprehensive collection of charts, graphs and diagrams for Sketch.


Holo Music

Kickstart your next project with this flexible UI design system.


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