Introducing projects — a better way to organize your work on Sketch Cloud

This week we launched projects on Sketch Cloud. Now you can organize and filter your work by project, client or any other grouping that makes sense to you or your team. Head over to Sketch Cloud to get started with projects today.

Meanwhile, on the Mac, we’ve rounded out the new Smart Distribute features to make it easier than ever to create and manage complex layouts. To help you make the most of it, we've put together a Smart Distribute guide that tells you everything you need to know to speed up your workflow. 🚀

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Featured plugins


A smart way to share feedback, add notes and store ideas with annotations that appear right against their relevant layers, directly on the canvas.


Push your designs up to Phrase and pull down translations to help localize your app or website in a snap with their official Sketch plugin.


Modern design is iterative, collaborative, and cross-functional. Design teams have grown. Powerful design tools and design systems scale designer effort and increase design velocity. Productivity bottlenecks lurk in design workflows. Employing basic Sketch usage guidelines can smooth over many of these bottlenecks.

Sketch Best Practices for Professional Design Teams

by Michael C. Albers


Designing 3 Mobile App Menus

by VAExperience

UX Manager Vy continues his Sketch: Noob to Master series by showing us how to quickly create three different mobile app menu concepts.

Sketch guides: Smart Distribute

by Sketch

In our latest video, we look at Smart Distribute in detail and show you how it can make creating and editing complex layouts a breeze.


Cabana Design System 3.0

Marc Andrew has completely rebuilt his design system starter kit for Sketch from the ground up. With hundreds of responsive components to choose from, it’ll help you design interfaces better, smarter, and faster.


iOS Jetpack 2

Craftwork’s iOS Jetpack 2 gives you a full set of templates to quickly create engaging screenshots for your iOS app’s App Store listing.


Events and community

Discover the latest events and communities near you

Validating Ideas by Prototyping

Boulder, CO, USA — 21 Aug


Sketch Cloud

Tampa, FL, USA — 22 Aug


스케치 여름 밋업 2019

Seoul, South Korea — 23 Aug


E-Commerce & Design

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — 29 Aug


SketcHH #8 – Sketch for Teams

Hamburg, Germany — 29 Aug


Sketch Meetup #7 UIUX求職健檢

Taipei, Taiwan — 31 Aug


The Art of Overrides & Atomic Design

Beirut, Lebanon — 31 Aug


Productivity Plugins / ProtoPie 4 & Torch AR

New York, NY, USA — 03 Sep


Accessibility Matters: Designing & Building Accessible Web Interfaces

Jacksonville, FL, USA — 04 Sep


UX Maturity and Collaboration in Sketch

Washington DC, USA — 05 Sep


Sketch & Design Talk

Uyo, Nigeria — 06 Sep


Keep Design and Content on the Same Page + Sketch 57 Review

Stuttgart, Germany — 01 Sep


Research Methods to Inform Strategy with Keita Wangari of Google

Stan Clara, CA, UA — 12 Sep