New in Sketch: Color Variables, Components View and a new Insert Window

With our latest update to the Mac app, we’ve introduced three new features that we think you’re going to love: Color Variables, a new Components View, and a new Insert Window. Take a look at our blog post to find out how they’ll improve your workflow.

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Frontify’s Sketch integration gives your team the brand materials and guidelines they need, and helps designers work with key stakeholders for feedback and approval.

A Lion

Quickly align your layers with A Lion. Select the layers you want to align, choose a key — or mane — layer (we’re sorry) and watch everything jump into place automatically.


With Component8, you can browse through more than 1,000 Components, then simply drag and drop them into your design when you need them.


Every time I add a major new feature to the app, I still take a step back and look at it from the perspective of a new user. Is there too much going on in the app? Is there too much to explain on first launch? How easy is it for the user to just get started without being overwhelmed?

Speaking our language: How Vidit Bhargava designed LookUp in Sketch

by Sketch

To be able to ask good questions, you need to know the feature or topic you are researching inside-out, but it’s also important to be empathetic and curious. When you really try to understand your users’ needs and behaviors, that’s when you start asking better questions.

The Ultimate Guide to UX Research

by Maze


Color Variables, Components View & Insert Window 🤩

by Christopher Deane

Watch as Christopher takes you through the biggest changes in Sketch 69, and shows how useful the new features are.

UI/UX Animations with Principle & Sketch

by Maex

Follow Max as he creates a neat animation his UI — and shares tips on how to perfect your own animations.


SQUID 2.0 User Flow Kit

With 500+ customizable Smart Layout elements, 180 Styles, and much more, you can create user flows fast, then tweak them to match your brand.


COVID-19 Illustrations

Looking for some friendly illustrations for a COVID-19 environment? This set includes masked and socially-distanced characters.


Developer Life icon set

If you’re designing developer tools — or just want to give you app a more technical feel — this set of regular and light icons are the perfect choice.


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