Official Sketch meetups in Rome, San Francisco and Edinburgh — see you there!

After a successful meetup in the Hague a few weeks ago, we’re really excited to announce that the Sketch team will be hosting a couple more official events in Rome, San Francisco and Edinburgh in the coming months.

First up is our Rome event on the 18th October. We’re working with our friends from Nois3 to host a meetup at Talent Garden in the center of the city. Find out more and register on the meetup page.

In Edinburgh and San Francisco we’re teaming up with, the talented team behind Overflow to put on two awesome meetups. On the 22nd October some of the team will be in San Francisco with talks from about Sketch, Overflow and UX. Sign up on the Meetup page to hear more details as they‘re announced. 

The Edinburgh meetup is taking place on the 12th November and coincides with Dibi Conference, a local UI/UX event. The Sketch team will be there and we’ll have talks from Sketch founder Pieter Omvlee and Alexis Piperides from Overflow. You can find out more and register for the meetup here.

We’re really excited to meet and share ideas with the creative community around the world and we hope to see you at one of these events!

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Featured plugins


This neat little plugin lets you skew or shear your shape layers horizontally or vertically in Sketch. 


6Spiral allows you to easily draw spiral and helix shapes at a specified angle, in Sketch, to create awesome illustrations.


To increase my productivity, I ended up converting a spare MIDI pad device into a shortcut machine that’s sped up my workflow and given me access to my less frequently used shortcuts more easily.

How to turn a spare MIDI device into a Sketch shortcut machine

by Chris Grain

You’ve seen it in Sketch, that grey lined box around a text layer on your canvas. It has handles on the outside to resize it. But why is it the size that it is? Why doesn’t it snap to the actual pixels that make up the letters? What is all this white space around the characters?

Get Down to the Nitty-Gritty of Text Rendering in Sketch

by Yakim

Sketch is changing the way overrides work. Well, not changing…but adding a new way to apply overrides to symbols. Instead of just overriding nested symbols (like an icon inside of a button), now you’ll be able to override the TEXT STYLE and COLOR. There is a god.

The Sketch Update We’ve All Been Waiting For, plus a BRAND NEW UX Power Tools!

by Jon Moore


Dark Mode | It's here and it's 🔥

by Jesse Showalter

Jesse Showalter takes a first look at the much anticipated Dark Mode in Sketch, coming in macOS Mojave.

Sketch Web Design Course

by Skillthrive

This two-part video tutorial from Skillthrive will teach you how to create an E-commerce Checkout Page in Sketch.


Plaster - Mobile Design System

Plaster is a great looking mobile UI design system based on guidelines and principles.


Dashboard UI Kit 3.0

This kit comes with 40 screens for web apps and dashboards, developed in React.


Events and community

Discover the latest events and communities near you


Milan, Italy — 20 Sep


Sketch and Prototyping 101

Baltimore, USA — 25 Sep


Sketch MTL Community Reviews #3

Montreal, Canada — 25 Sep


Sketch Glasgow - Community Meetup

Glasgow, United Kingdom — 27 Sep


Sketch Meetup #9: Design Version Control!

Florence, Italy — 27 Sep


Sketch & Design – Stuttgart Meetup

Stuttgart, Germany — 02 Oct


Sketch & Design #6: Design Systems

Barcelona, Spain — 03 Oct


Sketch + Fajitas!

South Florida, USA — 04 Oct


Sketch & Design Rome (Official)

Rome, Italy — 18 Oct


Overflow & Sketch Meetup (Official)

San Francisco, USA — 22 Oct


Colombo Sketch Meetup

Colombo, Sri Lanka — 25 Oct


Sketch Meetup Edinburgh (Official)

Edinburgh, United Kingdom — 12 Nov