Dark Mode, Data, Style Overrides, a brand new look and more in Sketch 52.

Sketch 52 has been out for just over two weeks and it’s one of our biggest updates yet. Jam-packed full of exciting new features, including Dark Mode, Style Overrides and Data, as well as a totally redesigned interface, this latest release truly reflects the future of Sketch and design.

We’ve also teamed up with our friends over at Unsplash to create an awesome new Data plugin that let’s you quickly add images from their stunning photo collections, to your designs in Sketch. Check out the blog post to find out more and download Sketch 52 today.

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Featured plugins


Document your design system using beautifully simple styleguides, synced with Sketch and code.


Add images from Unsplash’s stunning and expansive photo collection to your Sketch designs, with this built-in plugin.


Upload Artboards and selections to Dribbble, and add tags and a description, directly from Sketch.


From the team behind Sympli, Versions is Git for designers, allowing for streamlined collaboration through version control.


Creative block is unavoidable. Experimenting and personal projects help me keep that roadblock out of the way, but when I eventually hit that obstacle I make sure to take time away from work to recharge.

A typical work day for Sketch designer Tristan Kromopawiro

by Dribbble 


Sketch Master free lesson

by Peter Nowell

Peter Nowell of Sketch Master has completely revamped his popular UX Design in Sketch course for Sketch 52, including this free lesson on Data.

Designing a surfing website

by Jesse Showalter

In the first instalment of this two part series, Jesse walks you through the basic design principles and decisions of building a surfing website in Sketch 52.


Data for Sketch

A Data kit for Sketch including titles, emails, phone numbers and US states and more.


Sketch Data

A  huge collection of text and image data, including avatars, prices, times and more.


Lightning Design System UI Kit Data

A Data set including, names, locations, emails and other Salesforce data for use with the Lightning Design System UI Kit.


iPhone XS and XR mockups from Apply Pixels

Pixel-precise vector renders of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and XR in multiple variants, for use in mockups and marketing material.


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