Making us Blush: we talk inclusive illustrations with Pablo Stanley

“I’ve been a massive fan of Sketch plugins since day one — they amplify the things you can do as a designer, and you get to choose the superpowers that you want in your arsenal. The community has done a fantastic job, so we wanted to contribute with our own plugin.”

P.S. We turned 10 this week! We've got all kinds of celebrations planned for the next few weeks and months, and we'd love to hear about your early memories of Sketch.

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Spacer helps you automate your workflow with simple baseline spacing. With nifty keyboard shortcuts, you'll be able to perfect your layout in seconds.


Forget boring slides and dull templates. With Deck, you can turn your Artboards into an editable Powerpoint document. It’s pretty magic, if you ask us.


When we launched Assistants in version 68 with our community in mind, we knew you would support our vision for better design. We weren’t disappointed. Here, we’ve pulled together five of our favorite Assistants from the Sketch community.

5 powerful Assistants to help you improve your projects

by Sketch

Today, we’ll be pushing Sketch to its limits — step by step. You will learn how to create a very realistic and detailed vector illustration of a vintage Porsche 911 using basic shapes, layer styles and Sketch features. No bitmap images will be used, which means the final illustration could be scaled up to any size with no loss of detail.

How To Create A Porsche 911 With Sketch

by Nikola Lazarević


Hard and Soft 8 Point Grids

by Christopher Deane

Find out the benefits of using an 8-point grid in your design, and see how the different versions work in practice.

Wireframing in Sketch!

by Maex

Max walks us through his process for creating app wireframes by customizing a wireframe kit to match his brief.



Search through over 300 icons — with SVG and webfont support. Plus, because they use nested Symbols and styles, they're Sketch-ready.



Overlay transforms your design components into clean React, Vue and HTML components, making developer handoff faster and easier than ever.


King Rabbit Character Creator template

Are you following RareSloth's example and designing a video game in Sketch? This character creator template shows how you could work.


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Online: Un taller para niñas que los niños deben escuchar

San Jose, Costa Rica — 09 September


Online: Sketch Assistants: Automatic Control for Design Systems!

Jacksonville, FL, USA — 09 September


Online: Introduzione a Sketch Assistants

Venice, Italy — 11 September