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In this newsletter, you'll find

  • information about the 2022 Arizona State Election, focusing on the Primary Election and the importance of the Independent voter, and

  • our perspective on one Republican Primary Election candidate who has expressed support for Save the Dells’ mission.

In a future newsletter, we will address issues pertinent to the General Election. Ideally, candidates of all parties would favor positions consistent with our goals. Voters could then make an informed decision in the General Election that will result in a senator with basic support for our objectives.

Arizona State Primary Election Information

We encourage our supporters and readers who are registered to vote in Arizona to exercise their right to vote in Arizona’s Primary Election on August 2nd and its General Election on November 8th.

In Yavapai County, ballots for the Primary Election went out last week to voters registered as Republicans or Democrats. Independents may request a Republican or Democratic primary ballot be mailed to them by contacting the Yavapai County Recorder at this website or 928-771-3244. The deadline for these requests is 5 p.m. July 22nd. Alternatively, Independents may vote a Republican or Democratic primary ballot at the polls on Primary Election Day.

Voting by Yavapai County’s Independents in the Primary Election is very important. When one party has disproportionate political power, the winner of that party’s Primary Election is the likely winner of the General Election. The direction that Independent voters swing can indeed determine the outcome of a close race. That’s because 33% of registered voters in Yavapai County are Independents. 

With respect to the Republican Primary Election, we feel that the mission of Save the Dells is better supported by one of the two candidates. Keep reading for details below.

With respect to the Democratic Primary Election, Democratic candidate Mike Fogel, a member of the Arizona Clean Slate LD1, is running unopposed in the primary and will automatically participate in the General Election. He presents his specific positions on water, open space, and growth here.

Our Perspective on the Republican State Senate Race in Legislative District 1, Yavapai County (LD1)

Two years ago, Save the Dells worked with Republican State Representative Noel Campbell to try to obtain state funding and support for the Granite Dells Regional Park and Preserve. This effort was unsuccessful in large part because the COVID pandemic temporarily derailed the State’s finances and legislative process. After initially entering this 2022 Senate race, he withdrew. The two remaining Republican candidates for this important position are Ken Bennett and Steve Zipperman.

Ken Bennett recently invited Save the Dells to meet at his office to discuss issues important to us. Save the Dells was represented by Tom Rusing (chair), Rod Moyer, and Gary Beverly.

Mr. Bennett is a longtime Prescott resident who has served on the Prescott City Council, and in the State Senate, where he was elected as Senate President. He then served as Secretary of State. You can find his other credentials here. He has demonstrated a willingness to listen, a priority for Save the Dells and all citizens.

The following is a summary of Ken Bennett’s positions on issues of primary importance to Save the Dells, discussed at the meeting:

1) Water
Mr. Bennett understood that major improvements in water management policy and law will need to be made at the state level, that conservation measures are critical in any water management policy, and that maintaining the flow of the Upper Verde River is a priority. 

He made the following statements:

  • I will work to assure a healthy and flowing upper Verde River.

  • I support using the best available science as the basis for water management.

  • I support a greater role for local, as opposed to state, water resource management.

  • I will work to achieve a sustainable water supply for Yavapai County.

  • I will seek and respect the views of all citizens.

2) Granite Dells Regional Park and Preserve
Mr. Bennett stated that he will work to obtain state funding and support for the regional park. He agreed that the design and management should remain local, especially with the known expertise of the City of Prescott’s Parks and Recreation Department.

3) Other Key Issues
Mr. Bennett recognized the importance of regional cooperation. He also stated that he would be a strong advocate for rural Arizona to help balance the significant influence of the major population centers in central and southern Arizona. 


The other candidate in the Republican Primary is Steve Zipperman. He has not reached out to Save the Dells.

Mr. Zipperman’s platform states “I will draft and support legislation that will: Allow the de-certification of elections and withdrawal of electors to the Electoral College by the Legislature after their certification.” Save the Dells has consistently advocated for truth and integrity in government and listening to the will of the people. How would overturning the people’s votes be listening to the people? That is not election integrity.

2022 Arizona Elections Impact the Future of the Granite Dells & Beyond

Save the Dells is nonpartisan and seeks to share information on candidates’ positions that align with our mission and goals.

We again encourage all citizens of the region to be involved in the election process by researching the candidates and issues and voting in both the Primary and General Elections.

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