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Hello <<First Name>>, 

We’ve been asked, "Your job is done, right?" 
The answer? “Definitely not! There’s much more to do."

Save the Dells has a Greater Mission,
and we need your help as much as ever!

The victory of protecting 474 acres of natural open space in the heart of the Dells in fall 2021 followed a grueling five-year effort by Save the Dells to spare this land from a very destructive proposal by Arizona Eco Development (AED).

It's all that the founding members of Save the Dells could have hoped for when they began meeting in 2016 as a small group of citizens and decided that there was too much at stake to stand idly by. It was in 2018 that the decision was made to develop the organization as a Political Action Committee (PAC). 

This status as a PAC was a major factor in the success that Save the Dells has had in growing a powerful voice and presence across the greater Prescott area, one that spans a political and geographic spectrum unlike anything our community has seen.

Donations to a PAC are not eligible for income tax deductions, but your donations have a powerful impact. We can act where 501(c)(3) non-profits cannot. Most significantly, PACs can spend financial resources in support of or in opposition to ballot initiatives, propositions, and candidates for public office.

We’ve seen how necessary this is to get important work done. Save the Dells is now a state-level PAC, allowing us to support progress in other jurisdictions such as other local municipalities, the county, and at the state level, as well. The solutions to issues we're tackling must be regional.

Since the start, Save the Dells has been committed to listening to the public, amplifying community voices, and ensuring that the concerns, values, and wishes of the public are heard and considered in the decision-making processes that impact us all.

OVER THE LAST FIVE YEARS, we've been hard at work

  • educating the public on the threat to the Dells at a Yavapai College forum to a crowd of over 1200;

  • collecting 5000 signatures in support of saving the Dells and presenting them to the Prescott City Council;

  • providing commentary and encouraging public engagement with important community issues as they arise on a local and regional level;

  • endorsing candidates who align with Save the Dells’ and YOUR values and who are receptive to the concerns of Prescott-area citizens;

  • monitoring the AED Annexation and Development Agreement for compliance, to ensure that the agreement is carried out with integrity and honors the intent of the public;

  • watching the continuing development and decisions relating to the Granite Dells Regional Park and Preserve, including meeting with decision-makers involved in the intergovernmental agreement between Prescott, Prescott Valley, and Yavapai County to purchase State lands for the Glassford Hill component of the Regional Park; 

  • partnering and collaborating with area groups such as Citizens Water Advocacy Group (CWAG), Sundog DISConnect, and the PROTECT campaign (Planning for the Resilience of our Towns, Environment, Climate, and Tourism) as well as groups in Chino Valley and Prescott Valley, to promote science-based discussions and outcomes; 

  • attending Central Yavapai Metropolitan Planning Organization (CYMPO) meetings to communicate our No Place for a Road position on the Sundog Connector;

  • distributing, discussing, and publishing factual information about our critical water supply and development; and

  • promoting truth, integrity, transparency, and respect for citizens.

In addition to the ongoing projects in the list above, we have even more essential work planned for 2023. Your contribution will help us

  • work with voters to elect Prescott City Council members in the 2023 election who are committed to our shared values. We cannot afford to rest on our laurels. We helped get supportive council members elected in 2019 and 2021, and we must assure that future councils continue to align with our shared values and vision;

  • encourage and support high-quality candidate options for all Quad Cities voters;

  • publicly provide critique or insights into issues that voters could address through electoral and policy changes;

  • continue to work towards making the Granite Dells Regional Park and Preserve a reality;

  • expand the level of support and mentorship provided to empower citizen groups looking to make a difference in our region, including explaining the value in forming their own PACs;

  • continue to voice our opposition to building the Sundog Connector; and

  • continue to promote truth, integrity, transparency, and respect for citizens.

Who Can Do It?
When there are structural changes needed to address long-standing or recurring problems, who can shine a light on these and call for change?

When issues arise that need to be addressed quickly, who can respond and let the public know?

Save the Dells PAC can!

DONATE TODAY to keep us going strong in 2023!


Or mail your donation to 


Save the Dells 
Rod Moyer, Treasurer

1058 Hyland Circle
Prescott, AZ 86303


What else can you do?
  • Stay up to date on our newsletter, social media, and website and share the information with your neighbors, friends, and family members.

  • Consider joining the Save the Dells Committee or a special project group and use your skills to help our cause (email or reply to this newsletter to set up a meeting with us).

  • Talk to your friends, family, and neighbors about how grassroots activism can affect local and regional outcomes and how changes in leadership can advance causes the most. 

  • Sit down with, call, or write to city and regional elected officials. Thank them for their good work, share your concerns, and provide possible solutions.

  • Run for office or find your place on a municipal or citizen committee. Contact us for more information on how to get started!


Thank you for your continued support!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

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