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If you have a garden you probably have at least one tank for capturing rain water for those days of no or little rain.  Imagine taking great time, money, attention and detail to setup and care for a water tank in a shared garden. Then someone comes along, throws your water tank away, and instead sets up another water tank, which has a big leak in it and in reality holds no water.  That is how the Lord describes His people as acting towards His blessings on them.  Read it in the image above, it is taken from Jeremiah 2:13 and dated to around 600 BC.   Harsh words?  No, they are truthful words direct from the heart of the Lord!  Who paints a vivid picture of the disloyalty of His people and the utter futility of their current way of thinking and living.  

What has that to do with us some 2600 years later? Is the Lord’s charge against Judah still relevant today?  Well that is something each of us must answer.  We have in Jesus the ultimate revelation of what God is actually like. Jesus said in Luke 6:46, "But why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do the things which I say?". Harsh words? No, they are truthful words direct from the heart of the Lord!  Two charges were laid against Judah of old and Jesus words echo those same charges. Judah had forsaken the Lord and His ways, their source of life, health, and vitality. They had created their own useless idols that cannot do anything (the broken water tank). Jesus' invitation to us is the same today as the Lord offered wayward Judah all those years ago, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water". (John 7:37-38). What a privilege!

It is with sadness that we share that Enid Flemming has passed away. She was a long time faithful member of the Great Yarmouth Seventh-day Adventist Church, loved by all and will be greatly missed. Please remember Linda her daughter, and the rest of Enid'e extended family, in your prayers. 

This Saturday/Sabbath, we will meet again at the Lowestoft Church Building for Adult, Children and Teen Sabbath Schools, starting at 10am. That will be followed by our Worship Service at 11.15am. The Worship Service will also be on Zoom and Facebook. We do want to encourage you to attend in person. Social distancing will be in place and masks are required. We look forward to Helen Wilkinson singing the hymns for us. There will also be the special occasion of an anointing for young Caleb Manogaran. We will also have the second reading for Rebecca Tom coming into local membership. The children's story will be told by Danail Keshishyan. Pastor Mark will give a message continuing the series on the Feasts of the Lord found in Leviticus 23, called "Sounding the Advance". It looks at the festival called the "blowing of trumpets".
Be Blessed,

Pastor Mark
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Saturday Children’s Sabbath School at 10am at Lowestoft Church Building.  Make sure your children join for fun and bible learning!  Sini and Paul Manogaran will lead out.

Saturday / Sabbath TeenStudy at 10am at Lowestoft Church Building. Janna Wilkinson will lead the discussion.

Saturday Adult Sabbath School at 10am at Lowestoft Church Building.  Pastor Michael Walker will lead out.

Saturday / Sabbath Worship Service at 11.15am at Lowestoft Church Building. This will also be on Zoom and Facebook. The children's story will be told by Danail Keshishyan. Pastor Mark will give a message continuing the series on the Feasts of the Lord found in Leviticus 23, called "Sounding the Advance", based on the Festival called the "blowing of trumpets".

Monday Night Bible Study and Prayer Meeting at 7.30pm at Great Yarmouth Church Building. We will continue the Gospel of Mark and Chapter 4. This will also be available on Zoom. 

Other Upcoming Events
  • From June 26th, Saturday/Sabbath resumes at the Great Yarmouth Church Building. This will include Sabbath Schools starting at 10am. This is subject to Government announcements

We operate a child protection policy.
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There is a full set of the SDA Bible Commentary series available in return for a donation to the Great Yarmouth Local Church Budget.  If interested, please contact Pastor Mark Borrett (07729-997699) or Pastor Michael Walker (07895-877201).
Prayer Requests

“Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God” - Phil.4:6.
  • Pray for the family of Enid Flemming after her recent passing. 
  • Pray for Christine after the loss of her father. 
  • Pray for Ana with spinal probs. Kay with back pains. Martin for healing of mind and body. Robert with blood pressure problems.
  • Pray for Roger Rose. He is currently undergoing treatment for cancer.
  • Pray for Samir who has stomach cancer, and for his treatment at Norfolk and Norwich.  
  • Pray for our vulnerable and elderly, especially for Edith Newman, Jean and Eric Baker.
  • Pray for our young families, children & young people.
  • Pray for Daniel and his concentration at school.
  • Pray for Kenny Murphy and his family. 
  • Pray for Phillip Franklin and his mental and physical health. 
  • Prey for Ernie who is at home and unable to move without help. 
  • Pray for those who have shown interest in the church
  • Pray and thanksgiving for our ongoing return to our church buildings. 
  • Pray for the leadership of our church, and for our Government.
Prayer Request
Prayer Request
The Victorio family are now on their long-term mission in the Philippines, working alongside the South Central Luzon Conference. View their latest Newsletter Here. All expenses will be paid from their own pockets, estimated at £350-£400 per month.  One-off donations or a monthly commitment, are greatly appreciated.  Donate Here

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