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This week's feature adventure showcases two young bucks with a love of wild adventures supporting the AWA. Jim Campbell and Bob Patterson have been adventure buddies for a long time. They created one of our first Adventures for Wilderness in 2020, paddling and pedaling 65 kilometres for Bob's 65th birthday. This year they are staying true to their motto, "Don't let the old man in!" with a three-day paddling adventure on the Oldman River celebrating Jim's 70th birthday and raising money for AWA. The trip celebrates Jim and the water that gives us life. "The aim of this adventure is to prompt more people to ask, 'What are the threats to my water supply?' and take effective action to ensure that supply continues unspoiled for all who surround them," says Jim. This adventure will travel through some of the most drought-threatened areas of Alberta.

Jim says, "The appeal to me of the “Oldman River Adventure” is the focus on an essential element for all living creatures – WATER! Every human being is at least 50% water. We can only last three days without additional supplies as we breathe and sweat it away. Little wonder we should be concerned about the quantity of water in our Alberta ecosystems. After working in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector I became equally aware of the importance of good water quality for good health. Without access to clean water no individual will attain optimal health. Indeed, one of the greatest contributors to the boost in human longevity was the introduction of clean water systems."

Joining Jim and Bob, will be AWA's Conservation Specialist Phillip Meintzer. "River health is important to me for many reasons. As an Albertan, I feel like we have an obligation to protect and steward our watersheds, because what happens to water in our province ends up flowing downstream to our neighbours. Access to reliable sources of clean, safe drinking water is paramount to our survival as a species, and equitable access is important to me from a social justice perspective. Given the predicted impacts of the climate crisis, we need to ensure we are protecting the quality and quantity of our rivers for all those who depend on it, including aquatic and riparian ecosystems," says  Phillip.

The trio hope to raise $5,000 forAWA's work on water conservation in Alberta. You can donate here. "All our local relations, plant and animal, are similarly dependent for life on abundant, clean water," says Jim. "A first step in good conservation work in Alberta is to ensure the water supply remains healthy and abundant for all. It is no exaggeration to say our rivers, lakes and streams are our lifeblood."

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Happy Adventuring
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Tryst Lake Hiking Adventure

July 12, 2022 - With Chris Saunders. This is a one day hike to one of the most beautiful lakes in Alberta and a chance to learn about this magnificent wilderness area. The views are spectacular and the alpine flowers should be beautiful. It is also a chance learn about the geography and plant life of the area.
This is the rescheduling of the Rae Glacier hike, originally to be held at the end of October 2021, which had to be postponed on the account of weather. If you were registered on the October hike, you are automatically registered in this one. If you weren't but would like to come along, we have more spaces, so please sign up!

Mountain magic

Hiking into the Headwaters of Meadow Creek

August 17, 2022 - Join Heinz and Chris Unger for a day-long hike among the remote and a beautiful upper reach of Meadow Creek in the Ghost Wilderness area. These headwaters encompass an extensive set of wetlands with some new beaver dams. The views of nearby Black Rock Mountain and Devil’s Head are amazing

Discover your new favourite hike

Hiking Black Rock Mountain

August 21, 2022 - with Heinz and Chris Unger. As a former fire lookout, Black Rock Mountain offers amazing views into the high Rockies and Banff NP, as well as out east into the foothills and all the way to Calgary. The hike is relatively short in distance and low in effort considering the rewards. The hike also leads through a pine & spruce forest that burned during the 2020 Ghost Wildfire; it offers an opportunity to see how natural regrowth is progressing after two years.

Views for days!

Orphan Oil and Gas Wells and Foothills Geology

August 27, 2022 - Tako Koning. Come along on day-long road trip beginning at Frank Lake, near High River, which is a shallow water slough where hundreds of bird species have been identified. The trip will continue south and west, through interesting geological features and the site of an orphan gas well assigned to the Orphan Well Association for abandonment and site remediation, as well as currently producing sites. Discuss issues related to future wells abandonment and wellsites environmental remediation with a retired geologist.

An educational trip through a beautiful landscape

What is Adventures for Wilderness?

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