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Calling all Alberta adventure lovers! We need YOU to make next year's Adventures for Wilderness a success. The possibilities are endless, and the dollars and awareness raised through our Adventures program are vital to the Alberta Wilderness Association's mission to defend Wild Alberta.

What makes an adventure? It can be almost anything! Adventures can be solo or with friends and can involve anything from meditation to mountain climbing. An adventure can take place in the park down the street from your house or the remote Alberta backcountry. This is your chance to deepen your connection to Alberta's wild places and help raise funds for the Alberta Wilderness Association.

Some examples of fundraising adventures people have dreamed up over the past three years include:

Jim and Bob's annual "Don't Let the Old Man In" Adventure.
  • In 2020 they celebrated Bob's 65th birthday with 65 km of self propelled travel by canoe, bike and foot. 
  • In 2021 they mountain biked over 40 kilometres around Mt. Rundle
  • In 2022 they celebrated Jim's 70th birthday with a three-day trip down the Oldman River

Ed Hergott led a fundraising adventure with the help of the "Mountain Maniacs" hiking group to get their legally blind friend Dave Wodelet to the summit of Junction Hill in Kananaskis.

 Nissa Pettersen went on a multi-day ice fishing adventure with her friends.

Nathaniel Schmidt and friends got their hands dirty picking up trash in natural areas around the city. 

Lindsey Wallis celebrated her 40th birthday with 40 km of biking and 40 pitches of rock climbing in 40 hours. 

Lindsey also went on an eight day river adventure in southern Alberta with her family and friends. Her daughter is already cooking up an idea for eight summits by her eighth will you celebrate your next birthday?

Now it's your turn! I hope some of these past adventures have inspired you to imagine yourself on an adventure, raising awareness about the importance of Alberta's wild places and raising funds to help us conserve them. So drop me an email at or call me at 403-283-2025 to start planning your 2023 Adventure for Wilderness.

Happy Adventuring!
The A4W Team

Happy Holidays!
Gifts for Wilderness Lovers

Are you still looking for that perfect gift? AWA has some great options that celebrate the wild places we love and contibute to their continued protection.      

Win a Guidebook

If you think you can name all three locations pictured below (all Outstanding hikes in the "Don't Waste Your Time in the Canadian Rockies" book) send an email to No Googling the images please! If you are correct you win a guide book, to be picked up at our office! 

In Case You Missed It

Rummel Lake Fall Hike

"The weather was warm and sunny and the group set off in good spirits. The trail climbed through forest of mainly spruce until a viewpoint was reached at about halfway. This gave magnificent views to the north, south and west. The trail continued up through sub-alpine forest eventually reaching the lake in time for a late lunch. A beautiful lunch spot was found, offering views of the lake, the larch trees and the surrounding peaks. Most of the larch trees had not yet changed to a spectacular golden colour and were still green. This is unusual for the last week of September, perhaps a sign of climate change."
Click here for more photos and to read more about this adventure.

Help needed - AWA Casino December 28/29

Just a half-day of your time could raise $70,000 for the Alberta Wilderness Association! No previous experience is needed. Cowboys Casino, December 28 or 29. We are almost there! We still need some folks willing to be backups in case someone is ill.
Please email me at if you are free.

What is Adventures for Wilderness?

Adventures for Wilderness is AWA's annual program to engage Albertans in wilderness conservation. We believe an Adventure can be anything from climbing a mountain, to walking by the river, to enjoying the beauty of nature in your own backyard (literally YOUR own backyard!) Visit our website to learn about the Adventures this season and how you can support Alberta Wilderness Association.
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