This week's recommendation is a simple one: slow down and stay present. Plus, announcing the winner of our Gratifeed Giveaway!

Slow Down.
Stay Present.

Happy Monday! Here in the U.S. we just celebrated Thanksgiving and are preparing for a busy Christmas season ahead. Gift buying. Decorating. Parties. Work. Kids.

It's exciting, but it can also be exhausting.

That's why, today, our recommendation is a simple one: slow down and stay present.

The rest of the world may rush from one thing to the next, but that doesn't have to be your pace. "Patience" is one of our community values because we believe in long-term progress and purpose, not short-lived success and shortcuts.

If you're ready to be more present and become a better you in a sustainable way, check out this week's recommendations below.

P.S. Thank you to the 25 of you who shared your gratitude on our Gratifeed over the past week. As promised, our giveaway winner was picked at random and is shared at the very end of this email πŸŽ‰

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πŸ“šBook to Read


Let It Be Easy: Simple Ways to Stop Stressing & Start Living

By Susie Moore

What We πŸ’™
Most of our stress isn't from life happening to us, but from our reaction to what happened. So why not make it easier on ourselves? Check this one out to learn how to defuse reactive triggers and recast failures into successes.

🎧 Podcast to Listen To


Staying Present and Breaking the Illusion of Stability

How to Build a Happy Life

What We πŸ’™
The How to Build a Happy Life podcast by The Atlantic is a new favorite and this episode is πŸ€― It explores why it’s uniquely challenging to β€œlive in the moment,” how we limit our own curiosity by assuming that we know best, and why the illusion of stability pulls us from living every day fully, and in the moment.

πŸ“± App to try


Focus music
Available on iOS & Android

What We πŸ’™ provides music designed for the brain (generated by AI) to improve focus, meditation, relaxation, naps & sleep within 15 minutes of use.


β€œLife consists only of moments, nothing more than that. So if you make the moment matter, it all matters”

Ellen Langer

Author & Harvard University Professor
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"I'm grateful for my courage in accepting a new career opportunity even if it was uncomfortable at first."

Jamie from NY
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