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Markosia Mailing #112

Welcome to the one hundred and twelfth edition of our weekly email newsletter, Markosia Mailing. The quickest and easiest way to receive news about our books and graphic novels, as well as new and forthcoming releases.

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Markosia ComiXology sale on now!

We know that many of you are struggling to stave off crushing boredom while you’re stuck at home observing social distancing rules while on lockdown, so Markosia have teamed up with ComiXology to offer you a staggering 50% off on over 480 amazing digital comics and graphic novels, covering a wide range of genres, until May 14th!

Action! Adventure! Horror! Romance! And much, much more!

So head over to ComiXology now to not only pick up a bargain, but a great read too!

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Homo Sapiens represents the evolutionary zenith of the genus Homo: we have created scientific and technological miracles in less than 300,000 years. Before us, however, another Homo species lived on Earth for almost two million years. That’s the amount of time that it would take for the Roman Empire to rise and fall again about 1,000 times. This species was Homo Erectus. You know: those grotesque cavemen whose greatest technological achievement was a bunch of carved stone hand-axes.

Or was it?

Written by Tommaso Todesca, Alex Franquelli & Giulio Srubek-Tomassy and illustrated by Aleksandra Fastovets, GENU – VOLUME 1 is out now and available to order or download from the link below!
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Spotlight On: The King’s Irish

Each week we’ll be turning the spotlight on one of the many quality graphic novels from our extensive back catalogue.

This week it’s the turn of The King’s Irish.

In The King’s Irish, Scooter O’Neill draws a Royal Blueprint designed to fix one of history’s longest running struggles.

Written and illustrated by J. R. MacCléireach, click the link below to order or download The King’s Irish now!
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Shepard on DriveThruComics!

Out now from Markosia on DriveThruComics!


Seventeen-year-old Ray has suffered virtually every form of abuse as a ward of the foster care system.

So, when he’s kidnapped by a charismatic, violent stranger, instead of begging for his life, Ray begs for his captor, Shepard, to kill him and put him out of his misery.

Impressed, Shepard sees something of himself in this broken boy and decides to teach Ray how to stand up for himself and to never be a victim ever again.

But as Ray’s school tormentors begin to disappear, he realises that Shepard has trapped him in a world of violence and vengeance from which there may be no escape.

Written by Philip Landa and illustrated by Ryan Gutierrez, click the link below to download Shepard on DriveThruComics now!
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The Circus #5 on DriveThruComics!

Out now from Markosia on DriveThruComics!

The Circus #5

The thrilling final issue of The Circus. Having learnt the truth about the Keystones, and their impact on humanity, Kora Langley must confront Doctor Robert and the masked assassin. Oh, and there’s still that little matter of saving the universe.

Written by Joseph Browder and illustrated by Juan Manuel Almirón, click the link below to download The Circus #5 on DriveThruComics now!
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Markosia Comics Bundle 2 on Groupees - LAST FEW HOURS!

Groupees have got a big bundle from Markosia Enterprises for you.

Featuring over thirty Markosia titles including the massive Alpha Gods: Omnibus. Geek-Girl, Madison Dark, Plague and much, much more!

Get eleven books for as little as $2, or pay at least $6 for the full bundle.

Not only that. but 20% of your payment goes to the International Society for Children with Cancer!

There are only a few hours left to take advantage of this offer!
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Whatever Happened To The Archetype!? - COMING SOON!

What happens when caped avengers get old and everyone thinks that their superhero persona was either a myth, or worse still the ramblings of a crazy old man?

At the Cherry Blossom Residential Home for the Elderly, long-time resident Christopher Quin tells his life story to a mystery visitor and attempts to convince them of his alien heritage, his past life as a superhero and his relationship with 1940’s supervillain Frenzy.

Whatever Happened To The Archetype!? - coming soon from Markosia!
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