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Markosia Mailing #82

Welcome to the eighty second edition of our weekly email newsletter, Markosia Mailing. The quickest and easiest way to receive news about our books and graphic novels, as well as new and forthcoming releases.

It's a bumper week this week and Ian makes no apologies for the sheer amount of Hero: 9 to 5 in this newsletter. You can catch up with Ian at Coastal Comic Con in Bournemouth this week, where he'll be doing a Q&A at 12:20pm on Saturday.

Vanishing Woods – OUT NOW!

An elderly squirrel has said her goodbyes to her daughter, who has now embarked on the beginning of adulthood.

Alone in an empty nest, a stranger reveals himself and offers an endless summer to escape from the winter.

They begin their journey, but the dangers they face are greater than the monsters they encounter.

Written and illustrated by Anastasia Evans, Vanishing Woods is available from the link below now!
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Cuthbert And Friends – OUT NOW!

Cuthbert has been sent a secret note.

But who sent it? And why?

Find out by joining Cuthbert and his friends for another colourful adventure!

The Cuthbert series of books are fun, exciting and educational, with subtle messages about tolerance and diversity.

Written by Patrick Halliday and illustrated by Kat Cameron, Cuthbert And Friends is available from the link below now!
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Hero 9 to 5 #12: Disposable Heroes on DriveThruComics & ComiXology Pre-order!

Out now from Markosia on DriveThruComics and available to pre-order on ComiXology!

Hero 9 to 5 #12: Disposable Heroes

Return to a world where the rich can afford the best in super hero protection, but the poor have to get by with the heroic equivalent of third party, fire and theft

Fame! They build you up just to knock you down. When the down on their luck employees of Heroes 4 Zeroes find themselves the subject of a reality TV show they become the target of a group of religious fundamentalists who are decidedly more than meets the eye. How will they cope when a plot to overthrow the government leads to a world without heroes and brings out the wild side in one of their own? Conventions, Reality TV, Politics, Religion, The Monarchy…nothing is sacred this time!

#12 – Disposable Heroes: Holding Out For A Hero – Transformed into Insania, Mental Lady seeks to remake the UK in her own image…and she’ll start by abolishing the monarchy. With heroes outlawed, who can possibly stop her? Is the Queen about to meet an untimely end? This is it, the earth shattering conclusiong to Hero: 9 to 5 – Disposable Heroes!

Written by Ian Sharman and illustrated by David Gray with colours by Patrik Mock, click the links below to download Hero 9 to 5 #12: Disposable Heroes on DriveThruComics pr pre-order on ComiXology now!
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ComiXology USA
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Spotlight On: The Vessel Of Terror

Each week we’ll be turning the spotlight on one of the many quality graphic novels from our extensive back catalogue.

This week it’s the turn of The Vessel Of Terror.

Out in the Arctic Ocean, the research vessel Alesia manages to capture a mysterious Magnapinna squid, an animal never before captured by mankind.

The researchers, led by Maria, decide to take the specimen back to port in Bergen, Norway. However, what they bring home isn’t just a scientific wonder but also a thing more horrific than Pandora’s Box. Soon, madness creeps into the crew of the Alesia and friends become monsters.

Written by Magnus Aspli with art by Dave Acosta, click the links below to order or download The Vessel Of Terror now!
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The Hero: 9 to 5 Collection on DriveThruComics!

Out now from Markosia on DriveThruComics!

The Hero: 9 to 5 Collection

What if being a super hero was just like any other job? What if you fell in love with your arch enemy? What if your sidekick had a crush on you? Meet Jacob Reilly, aka Flame-O. He didn’t want to be a hero, he wanted to be a rock star, but now he’s stuck working for Heroes for Zeroes, and his life is about to get, really, really complicated…

Collecting all twelve issues of Hero: 9 to 5 by Ian Sharman and David Gray, with colours by Yel Zamor and Patrik Mock, The Hero: 9 to 5 Collection includes the first story arc, plus all of Quietus and the complete new story arc, Disposable Heroes! That’s all twelve issues in one handy and affordable bundle!

So click the link below to download The Hero: 9 to 5 Collection on DriveThruComics now!
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Night Creatures #3 on DriveThruComics!

Out now from Markosia on DriveThruComics!

Night Creatures #3

Being the only woman in the macho world of high security, Marie knew that she was going to have to deal with some uncomfortable situations, but she didn’t expect this! As her male co-workers begin to die off one-by-one, she realizes that there is something strange going on in this museum. Can she figure it out before the ghoulish secret drags her and her co-workers to the grave?

The pulse-pounding finale to the CGI-creep series created by bestselling author Mike Gagnon.

Click the link below to download Night Creatures #3 on DriveThruComics now!
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Hero: 9 to 5 – Disposable Heroes – PRE-ORDER NOW!

Returning once more to a world where being a super hero is just another nine to five job!

When Frostica flies into a jealous rage after Flame-O and Pink Girl are caught kissing on live TV, the government gives in to pressure from religious fundamentalists to ban super hero agencies.

All hell breaks loose as villains reign supreme across the UK.

Nobody is safe in this mad rampage, not the Houses of Parliament and not even the Queen herself!

“Ahead of its time, this existential masterpiece is the ultimate Brexit allegory, but more importantly it’s a side-splittingly glorious read.” – Annika Eade

Written by Ian Sharman and illustrated by David Gray with colours by Patrik Mock, Hero: 9 to5 – Disposable Heroes is available to pre-order now from the link below!
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The Cosplay Journal Vol 4 – PRE-ORDER NOW!

It’s finally time, volume 4 of The Cosplay Journal is coming! And it’s bigger than ever! Featuring an exclusive interview with Nicole Rousmaniere the curator of The British Museum’s Citi Manga Exhibition, and a photoshoot in The British Museum itself!

On top of this, this volume looks at how cosplay can positively help your mental health and wellbeing with an interview with Wish Godmother who uses cosplay to combat her PTSD, as well as talking with disabled cosplay activist Ekko Cosplay about how disability is viewed in the geek community. Woodsmoke and Words tells us about gender and cosplay and what it’s like being a non-binary cosplayer with help from an amazing group of trans non-binary costume makers.

There are all the regular features and much more in volume 4!

The Cosplay Journal is a coffee table periodical focusing on the Diversity and Craft of cosplay. We want to show that not only can anyone from any walk of life be involved in cosplay, but also that we are all capable of learning new skills, creating amazing things and bringing joy into our own and other people’s lives through the art form of costume making.

The Cosplay Journal’s mission is to dispel the myths about cosplay and cosplayers, as well as promoting cosplay as way into a new world and maybe even a new career.

There is no one way to be a cosplayer. Many mainstream media outlets choose to show only certain elements of cosplay, creating an idea that cosplayers have to be “traditionally attractive,” which has led many to believe that they can’t cosplay. This is, of course, not the case because the idea of traditional beauty is ridiculous and damaging to society as a whole and it really doesn’t matter, what matters is having fun in your costume. We believe that everyone is beautiful and so we showcase a whole rainbow of truly stunning, talented, diverse people of all shapes, sizes, races and genders.

The Cosplay Journal Vol 4 features 100 pages of stunning photography, interviews and articles and is available to pre-order now from the link below!
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