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Markosia Mailing #105

Welcome to the one hundred and fifth edition of our weekly email newsletter, Markosia Mailing. The quickest and easiest way to receive news about our books and graphic novels, as well as new and forthcoming releases.

We thought it would be fun to start previewing upcoming releases in these newsletters, to give you a taste of what Markosia has in store for you over the coming months. We kick off this week with a sneak peek at Wolalina, a exciting new book that we've been working on for a very long time. Scroll down to the end of this newsletter to get your first look at Wolalina!

B.A.E. Wulf: The Shadow Over Innsmarch – OUT NOW!

Brenda Amy Edmonton is a disgraced reporter who finds her world turned upside down when she investigates a wave of disappearances with ties to the occult. Before she knows it, Brenda (B.A.E.) ends up in the middle of an ancient war that might destroy the human race.

CJ Standal (Rebirth of the Gangster) and JM Ringuet (Transhuman) unite for a modern-day mashup of Beowulf and Lovecraftian horror!

Written by CJ Standal and illustrated by JM Ringuet, B.A.E. Wulf: The Shadow Over Innsmarch is out now and available from the link below!
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Faith Fallon Vol 1: What Price Fame? on DriveThruComics!

Out now from Markosia on DriveThruComics!

Faith Fallon Vol 1: What Price Fame?

Who is Faith Fallon?

Faith Fallon was America’s sweetheart during the fabulous 50s. She burst onto the Hollywood scene like a shooting star. Men wanted her. Women wanted to be her. Alas, as is the fate of so many young starlets in Hollywood, her star eventually faded, and she fell out of favour.

Faith’s career and personal life continued on its downward spiral until she was found dead in her home in upstate New York. She had allegedly committed suicide.

Faith Fallon suffered a fate worse, and in some ways better, than death. This is her story.

From famous to infamous.

“From the moment you open the first page you know you’re in for something special, it’s forward thinking and ulitisation of mixed media show you the future of storytelling.”
Steven Leitman
Reading with a Flight Ring

Written and illustrated by Steven Pennella, click the link below to download Faith Fallon Vol 1: What Price Fame? on DriveThruComics now!
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Spotlight On: Ketsueki

Each week we’ll be turning the spotlight on one of the many quality graphic novels from our extensive back catalogue.

This week it’s the turn of Ketsueki.

The Witch Queen Rorien and her demon hordes, led by the cruel Batsu, are overrunning the land, destroying everything in their path. The demons have besieged the Shogun’s castle. Hope lies with the Lady Tsuji, the Shogun’s champion – his daughter.

She is a Sorceress, a warrior and wielder of the legendary sword, the Demon Killer – Ketsueki.

Written by Richmond Clements with art by Ai Takita, click the link below to order or download Ketsueki now!
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Wolalina - COMING SOON!

Wolalina is a former secret agent for the M.Y.T.H. (Mythological & Young Terran Heroes) agency, where people from ancient mythologies actually exist and work together with humans to stop evil organiszations from across from across the universe. Now she works as a private detective and there are rumours that she is able to time travel, but if that's true then what other big secrets has she been hiding away from the public?

Written by Daniel Karhunan and illustrated by Ronilson Freire with contributions from a whole host of awesome artists, including Fiona Staples, R.B. Silva, Azim Akberali, Mahmud Asrar, Nei Ruffino, Edgar Delgado, Jenny Frison, Randy Green, Gerry Alanguilan, Ig Guara, Emanuela Lupacchino, Amilcar Pinna, Ian Richardson, Marco Santucci, Tim Seeley, Andrew Wildman, J.K. Woodward, Craig Yeung, Sean Phillips and many, many moor.

Coming soon from Markosia!
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