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Markosia Mailing #153

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Vanquished: Weird Princ{ess} – Volume One – OUT NOW!

Part 1 – The prince of Valenguard is a little weird. Everybody thinks so, but what they don’t know is that she is actually transgender!

It’s the day of the big war meeting, and Princess Valorie’s on the run! Fleeing the castle with the queen in hot pursuit.

Meanwhile, a mysterious assassin has come to town. Her target?

The weird princess.

Who will catch up to her first?

Written by Ben Smith and illustrated by Felicia Mars, Vanquished: Weird Princ{ess} – Volume One is out now and available to order from the link below!
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A Disgusting Supermarket Of Death – OUT NOW!

A Disgusting Supermarket of Death collects hard-boiled shorts about satanic Christmas movies, performance-art euthanasia, child-sacrifice skincare, and other demented goodness from Jim Harberson, co-author of Markosia’s acclaimed graphic novel, Stay Alive. The characters you’ll meet within include:
  • a corrupt prison warden who sells true crime fanatics a serial killer meet and greet;
  • healthcare workers who cause a massive car pile-up so they can murder its victims;
  • a Hollywood undertaker who sells rich perverts carnal access to recently departed celebrities;
  • secret cutting club members whose existence presages a bloody nightmare at their high school;
  • a supermodel who, while recovering from plastic surgery at a Swiss clinic, discovers that she has simultaneously washed up dead on a tropical beach;
  • an overeager life coach who cyberstalks and surreptitiously abuses her clients to better them;
  • an OCD sufferer whose irrational fear of being falsely suspected of murder sends him on a neighborhood killing spree;
  • a health insurer using insidious tactics to discourage patients from seeking costly care; and,
  • police officers who mysteriously murder their colleagues and each other after executing a lethal, botched raid.

Horror tinged with comedy, or comedy tinged with horror, these stories should delight even the most jaded speculative fiction fans.

Written by James C. Harberson III, A Disgusting Supermarket Of Death is out now and available to order from the link below.
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Spotlight On: The Lexian Chronicles Omnibus

Each week we’ll be turning the spotlight on one of the many quality graphic novels from our extensive back catalogue.

This week it’s the turn of The Lexian Chronicles Omnibus.

Follow Reena as she struggles to cope with tough demands made of her as the daughter of the Chieftain and the unwanted attention of a monster.

Due to huge demand The Lexian Chronicles is finally available as an omnibus edition collecting all twelve issues, concept and cover art, and never-before-seen commissioned paintings of the highest quality.

Written by Harry Gallan with art by Inaki Miranda and Ryan Stegman, click the link below to order or download The Lexian Chronicles Omnibus now!
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Flip Vol 2 on DriveThruComics!

Out now from Markosia on DriveThruComics!

Flip Vol 2

Markosia’s alternate reality anthology, Flip, returns with Volume 2, examining even more flipped worlds and real-world what-ifs going against convention. Are all these stories magical speculative flips of reality…or just simply at its essence allegorical character examinations of current day society? Flip through it and find out…



A monster tries to make his daughter a puppy, something forbidden by a creator long since raised into legend and a religion. Even monsters give their children their all. A flipped Frankenstory by Derek Künsken and Trevor Markwart.



A flipped virtual reality adventure where life catches up to you quickly…when you try to escape it! A flipped VR adventure by Mike Heneghan and David Brame.


True Balance

Discover a world with a justifiable method to punish bullies. A flipped “in justice” by Brandon Crilly and Scott Drummond.


Dying Alive

In a world completely populated with zombies for centuries, there isn’t much left to hunt or eat. Discover a world long populated by death…and still searching for life. Hunting the last human…first. A flipped horror of hope by Jack Briglio, Miguel Jorge and Jacky Filipe.


Red Giant

Is the approaching apocalypse real? Will anyone believe you, even if you have proof? The fine line between dystopias and utopias. A flipped tale of the apocalypse by Josh Stafford and Paulo Montes.


Monkey Business

Born Old, Die Young. A chronicle of the lives of three Italian amicos from old age to childhood. A flipped coming of de-age story by Jack Briglio, Hugh Rookwood, and Brenda Weeks.



Waiting in line can be frustrating, but it’s always worth it for the next big thing! Right? Patience is not a virtue. A flipped fable of forbearance by Jack Briglio and Devin Taylor.


The Cancellation

Examine the perils of life insurance where the only constant is corporate greed. A flipped story about accountability by Dan Collins, Andrew Clark, and Audra Balion.

Written by Derek Künsken, Mike Heneghan, Jack Briglio, Brandon Crilly, Dan Collins and Josh Stafford and illustrated by Miguel Jorge, Trevor Markwart, David Brame, Scott Drummond, Paulo Montes, Hugh Rookwood, Devin Taylor and Andrew Clark, click the link below to download Flip Vol 2 on DriveThruComics now!
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Vehi-Kill #2 on DriveThruComics!

Out now from Markosia on DriveThruComics!

Vehi-Kill #2

As our team of killer car hunters rest and regroup after their brush with death, their mysterious benefactor activates their replacements. But with personal issues bubbling to the surface, time off proves difficult for some – and deadly for others. We ramp up the danger and peel back the curtain on the secrets behind the demonic cars – and most importantly we address something our team had simply not considered. It’s not just cars… VEHI-KILL 2 – ‘Truck you all’ is a monster of a second issue and not everyone is going to make it out alive…

Written by Matt Hardy and illustrated by Norrie Millar, click the link below to download Vehi-Kill #2 on DriveThruComics now!
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Genu Vol. 3 on ComiXology!

Out now from Markosia on ComiXology!

Genu Vol. 3

At the International Space Agency HQ, Julia, Axel and M-07 realize they are being held prisoners, and no one seems to be willing to assist with M-07’s deteriorating health conditions. Who can help the young Mercurian? And what does the silent woman have to do with a mystery which, according to Professor Temple, will turn anthropology on its head?

Written by Alex Franquelli, Giulio Srubek-Tomassy and Tommaso Todesca and illustrated by Aleksandra Fastovets, click the link below to download Genu Vol. 3 on ComiXology now!
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Mister Misery - COMING SOON!

Horace, a mentally unstable failing poet, hires a hitman to end his life. While he is out celebrating Horace meets Grace, a local punk band singer. After spending the night with Grace and falling for her Horace begins to rethink his previous plan.

Mister Misery - coming soon from Markosia!
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