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Markosia Mailing #107

Welcome to the one hundred and seventh edition of our weekly email newsletter, Markosia Mailing. The quickest and easiest way to receive news about our books and graphic novels, as well as new and forthcoming releases.

 We hope you're staying safe during this trying time, practising social distancing and, if you're displaying symptoms, such as a temperature or a persistent dry cough, you're self-isolating, Please avoid social gatherings and going to pubs and clubs. And, of course, conventions, which have been almost universally cancelled. Now is a great time to binge watch a few TV shows and catch up on the comics you've been meaning to read for a while...

But, most of all, please, STAY SAFE.

Hope: All Alone – OUT NOW!

Russia, 2042. After the apocalypse.

In a country ravaged by deadly spores, eight year old Nadja must find a way to survive.

Facing danger at every turn, help comes when she meets an unexpected ally.

Written by Daniel Chudy and illustrated by Vincentindra, Hope: All Alone is out now and available to order form the link below!
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Shepard – OUT NOW!

Seventeen-year-old Ray has suffered virtually every form of abuse as a ward of the foster care system.

So, when he’s kidnapped by a charismatic, violent stranger, instead of begging for his life, Ray begs for his captor, Shepard, to kill him and put him out of his misery.

Impressed, Shepard sees something of himself in this broken boy and decides to teach Ray how to stand up for himself and to never be a victim ever again.

But as Ray’s school tormentor begin to disappear, he realizes that Shepard has trapped him in a world of violence and vengeance from which there may be no escape.

Written Philip Landa and illustrated by Ryan Gutierrez, Shephard is out now and available to order from the link below!
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Spotlight On: Endangered Weapon B

Each week we’ll be turning the spotlight on one of the many quality graphic novels from our extensive back catalogue.

This week it’s the turn of Endangered Weapon B.

What kind of lunatic forces a grizzly bear to wear mechanised combat armour and fight his battles? What kind of fiend kidnaps a beautiful Polynesian computer genius to be his child bride? And just who has a ninja for a butler anyway?

Meet the Professor: eccentric, scientist, explorer and Englishman par excellence. Madcap steampunk hi-jinks in Endangered Weapon B!

Written by David Tallerman with art by Bob Molesworth, click the link below to order or download Endangered Weapon B now!
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B.A.E. Wulf: The Shadow Over Innsmarch on DriveThruComics!

Out now from Markosia on DriveThruComics!

B.A.E. Wulf: The Shadow Over Innsmarch

Brenda Amy Edmonton is a disgraced reporter who finds her world turned upside down when she investigates a wave of disappearances with ties to the occult. Before she knows it, Brenda (B.A.E.) ends up in the middle of an ancient war that might destroy the human race.

CJ Standal (Rebirth of the Gangster) and JM Ringuet (Transhuman) unite for a modern-day mashup of Beowulf and Lovecraftian horror!

Click the link below to download B.A.E. Wulf: The Shadow Over Innsmarch on DriveThruComics now!
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Danny and Harry are live on Indiegogo!

The deal is simple: for a measly $4.00 you get the entire 144-page,
full-colour digital graphic novel, The Case of the Missing Trunk,
starring Danny and Harry Private Detectives.

There will be a print version later on, but this campaign is for the
digital only.

The goal? We need to raise $500 to finish issues #5 and #6.

The first four issues have already been published. The last two are well
under way. Help us finish what we started, and get a 144-page graphic
novel full of chills, spills, and thrills for just $4.00!

Thirty days to go, so...let's...GO!!!

PS: The free black and white comic is still available, the link is in
the Indiegogo campaign!
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Emily Corn - COMING SOON!

She has no friends. She has no parents. Emily Corn has been brought up in total isolation. But why? She uncovers a secret which forces answers and breaks the shield protecting her identity. And now they hunt her.

Writer Page Wooller and artist Ali Vermeeren deliver a complex coming of age tale set against the impending destruction of Earth. Emily must accept who she is, or we all die.  

Coming soon from Markosia!
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