June 2020

Dear Partners,

There is so much pain in the world right now, and we are bearing witness to extraordinary times. The senseless and tragic killing of George Floyd, along with many others who have lost their lives to violence and racism, are not new to American history. Nor is a pandemic. These moments force us into difficult and uncomfortable reflection about the fractures in our nation. We believe that Black lives matter, and that we all must listen, engage, and act to catalyze change.

Our NCACH team is grappling with how these events relate to our lives, our region, our work, and our commitment to health equity. The disparate impact of COVID-19 and other health conditions on people of color and people struggling economically remind us that adverse health impacts burden some of our community members, more than others.

The goal of the Medicaid Transformation is to transform systems that hold people back from achieving their best health, and to advocate for programs that allow people to achieve a complete state of physical, mental, and social wellbeing. Wellbeing includes safety, access, and opportunity for all, despite one’s race, gender, disability, or socioeconomics. However, we know through our work examining health disparities that safety, access, and opportunity are not always guaranteed for everyone. 

We often challenge our partners to dig deep, be vulnerable, and challenge the “old” ways of delivering care. We tell our partners to meet their clients “where they are” and to listen. Our nation is telling us to listen, and our communities are asking for change. In order to move forward, we must commit to being brave, having uncomfortable conversations, owning mistakes when we make them, and acknowledging that we will continue to make mistakes as a part of our growth. Just as we have come together to improve healthcare, we must unite across political and belief spectrums to address the core issues that lead to systemic discrimination.

At our June retreat, NCACH’s Governing Board agreed that
health equity must be the overarching lens shaping our strategies, and those strategies will increasingly focus on social determinants of health. Giving everyone a fair shot at being healthy means taking risks and acting on injustice when it occurs. We cannot promote equity without acknowledging and taking a stand against the complex role of systemic discrimination.

As we reflect on our role as a group of leaders in these same systems, and our opportunity to change them, what do you think we need to do? How should we approach our future work and priorities? Together, we are the North Central Accountable Community of Health – we invite you to hold us accountable as we chart the course to a healthier North Central Washington.

May we be brave in our work of building healthier communities for all.

--The Team at NCACH
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Now hiring a Recovery Coach Coordinator - join our team!

NCACH is hiring a Recovery Coach Coordinator position for the North Central Region. This is a full time professional position to develop and coordinate the Recovery Coach Network as a part of North Central Accountable Community of Health’s health improvement efforts across Chelan, Douglas, Grant, and Okanogan Counties. The Recovery Coach Network program provides peer support for individuals in recovery, as well as support for those transitioning from jail back to the community.

This position will develop and coordinate the Recovery Coach Network. The position is part of Chelan-Douglas Health District which is the administrative host for NCACH.

For the full job description and application information, see: or contact

Learn more and apply today

Transitioning back to Medicaid Transformation work

Last month, we announced that we would be making the transition back to Medicaid Transformation Project work beginning in June. Here's what that means for our partners and stakeholders:
  • NCACH is currently connecting with funded partners individually to determine what impact(s), if any, COVID-19 has created to their ability to re-engage in or continue their specific Medicaid Transformation Project activities through 2020. 
  • NCACH plans to resume hosting our regularly scheduled workgroup and stakeholder meetings.
  • Pandemic permitting, NCACH will ask partners to resume Medicaid Transformation Project contracted work and reporting beginning July 1, 2020. 
As we move ahead, one of our primary goals will be to understand how COVID-19 may have impacted our partners during the first 6 months of this year, and identify how those impacts may influence our work for the remainder of 2020. We remain sensitive to the fact that it will be hard to predict what the last two quarters of 2020 will bring, but we do know that the work we started is more important than ever.  We remain committed to working with each of our partners and are willing to continue adapting as needed to support them in their work to building a healthier North Central region.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns as we all take these cautious steps forward together. 

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It seems like there's more information about COVID-19 now more than ever. Just like you, we are constantly searching for accurate news, updates, and best practices to help inform the way we do business. Here's a list of some resources we hope you'll find handy:
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