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Monthly Meetings Round Up

October & November 2020
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NCACH Governing Board 
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October 5, 2020
  • Discussion: The Board reviewed NCACH's monthly financial statements and Medicaid Transformation Project funds flow strategies. The Board will review and discuss the 2021 annual budget later this year.
  • Discussion: Telehealth strategies and how to support partners in their goals to increase access to healthcare during COVID-19 and beyond. Additional information will be brought forward at a future NCACH Governing Board meeting.
  • Discussion: The Board reviewed and discussed strategic planning efforts to date, including the development of a draft mission statement.
  • Motion to approve a new mission statement for NCACH, approved.
  • Discussion: NCACH staff shared an update regarding Community-based Care Coordination and plans for project work in 2021. Additional information will be brought forward at a future NCACH Governing Board meeting.
November 2, 2020
  • Discussion: The Governing Board reviewed key changes to the 2021 budget presented by staff and the NCACH Board Finance Committee. The Board will be submitting additional feedback and will review the updated budget at their annual meeting in December.
  • December is the NCACH Governing Board's Annual meeting. This will include the approval of the 2021 budget and Board seat elections. 
  • Motion to approve the Community-based Care Coordination plan modification, approved.
  • Discussion: The group continued discussions on telehealth strategies from the past several months. Staff will develop and bring forward a strategy, including a request for proposals.
  • Discussion: The Governance Committee met this month, key updates were shared. The Committee will continue meeting as NCACH looks ahead to the future beyond the Medicaid Transformation project period. 
  • Next meeting: December 7, 2020

Medicaid Transformation Project Updates

Whole Person Care Collaborative
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  • General updates: The October WPCC meeting included a Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors (SHIBA) presentation by Action Health Partners and a breakout session that allowed for small groups to discuss the ways in which management have supported staff who have been experiencing stress, anxiety, depression and/or burn out amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • In October, WPCC partners wrapped up their change plans and began developing an improvement charter that will guide improvement work throughout 2021. The collaborative will be focusing on improving care for patients with diabetes and depression, with a core set of measures that will be reported on each month. This narrowed focus for the remainder of MTP was developed as a result of feedback from virtual site visits, and a WPCC strategic planning session that involved WPCC Manager and Practice Facilitator, consultant team and WPCC members.
  • November's WPCC meeting included discussion surrounding the impacts that COVID-19 has had on chronic disease, mental illness, and substance abuse, as healthcare visits are being avoided. The group also discussed strategies organizations are implementing to mitigate impact of COVID on their patients due to delayed/avoidance of care. The group also heard a presentation from Washington Listens Campaign, which is a service that offers free support to those experiencing stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Learning Activities:
    • The Population Health Learning-and-Action Network (LAN) restarted in October with representation from a majority of the WPCC organizations. The Population Health LAN 2.0 is designed to accompany the new focus for the WPCC. The October webinar was focused on telehealth applications for diabetes and depression.
    • Quality Improvement (QI) Affinity call on October 28th was focused on the new streamlined measurement approach for WPCC members.
    • Population Health Learning-and-Action Network (LAN) monthly webinar was held on November 10th. The November webinar topics included measurement, empanelment, and peer sharing presentations from Coulee Medical Center and Columbia Basin Health Association.
  • Next meeting: December 7, 2020; (Group met November 2, 2020)

Community-based Care Coordination
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  • General updates: No public meetings hosted October or November. NCACH will post more updates about our CBCC work as they become available.

Opioid Project 
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  • General updates: The past year the pandemic has had a multitude of severe consequences for our rural communities. Challenges of COVID have been, but are in no way limited to: reduced capacity of healthcare and social determinant health organizations and the broader community, and the necessity of focusing on alternative access to care, and isolation from those we serve and our loved ones. In response, the November 20th Opioid Workgroup met and engaged with a recovery-focused agenda. The group participated in a panel discussion with local representatives of the Central Washington Recovery Coalition’s branches in Okanogan, Grant, and Chelan and Douglas Counties.
  • NCACH staff brought forward a reimagined 2021 Opioid Project for the potential last year of the Medicaid Transformation Project. This project plan, titled “Through A Recovery Lens” includes building a new program we are calling the Recovery Corps, a workforce development program that seeks to develop professional pathways toward careers in 4 key focus areas—overdose prevention, SUD prevention, treatment, and recovery support—in order to support those in recovery with meeting their individual recovery goals, while also connecting them to service opportunities in their communities (e.g. The Recovery Coach Network, naloxone distribution, etc).
  • Recovery Coach Network: The Recovery Coach Network is on the fast track to success. We have met with key partners of the community such as the Department of Corrections, treatment centers, Chelan County Jail and many more. It’s amazing to see the support of the community come through and support work in the recovery community. Through this pandemic we are working on developing and getting this program up and running!
  • Next meeting: February 20, 2020; (Group met November 20, 2020) 

Transitional Care and Diversion Interventions 
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  • General updates: TCDI Workgroup approved funding process for 2021. Focus of funding will be on the following priorities:
    • Continue to support MTP TCDI Priorities
    • Demonstrate collaboration of two or more of the following agencies:
  • Healthcare (Acute/clinical)
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  • Community-Based Organizations
All work funded in 2021 needs to be new or expanding project work that focuses on the social determinants of health, specifically after discharge from acute care or preventing individuals from going into acute care. Additionally, all applicants will be asked to focus on building partnerships and advancing health equity.
  • Partner updates: 
    • Hospital partners have been able to continue transitional care programs across the region and continue to provide follow up calls post discharge to patients. This has become even more important as clinical partners are focusing on keeping patients home and healthy during COVID-19.
    • Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers have been partnering with local public health and clinical provides to provide follow up care to patients to ensure they stay in the home. Even with this follow up care, there still continues to be a steady increase of 911 calls as our region continues as patients are sometimes uncertain on how to manage their care during the pandemic.  
  • Next meeting: January 14, 2021; (Group met November 19, 2020) 

Coalitions for Health Improvement (CHI)
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  • The Regional CHI Leadership Council met November 12, 2020 to discuss 2020 CHI Community Initiatives, including developing recommendations for finalist projects. Learn more about CHI Community Initiatives funding.
    • Next Meeting: TBD
  • Chelan Douglas CHI met November 18, 2020
    • Next meeting: December 9, 2020
  • Grant County CHI All activities temporarily suspended due to COVID-19
    • Next meeting: TBD
  • Okanogan County CHI met October 29, 2020
    • Next meeting: December 31, 2020
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Monthly-Meetings-Round-Up: October & November 2020

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