Amazon is in advanced talks to buy Zoox for less than the $3.2 billion at which it was valued in 2018. Zoox wanted to be Tesla, Waymo and Uber Technologies all rolled into one ... South Korea's capital will hold a five-day conference, titled "CAC (Cities Against COVID-19) Global Summit 2020" from June 1 to 5 to overcome the coronavirus disease crisis and prepare for a paradigm shift ... smart city resources are being deployed to combat the deadly virus - War RoomsCCTV camerasTelemedicine and  Location-Based Analytics being some examples ... Smart cities highlighted around the world ... AmsterdamTaipeiCopenhagenBarcelona and Madrid ... IoT devices have found their way into 71% of U.S. homes ... an anticipated growth of 28.7% in the next five years, is likely to test the limits of antique billing structures ... XAG organised the world’s first-ever rice direct seeding demonstration on the comparison between manual broadcasting and drone seeding.
by Editor
South Korea's capital will hold an international online conference from June 1 to 5 to overcome the coronavirus disease crisis and prepare for a paradigm shift. Around 120 individuals are expected to participate, including mayors from around the world, international scholars and experts from various fields such as healthcare, education, information technology and environment.
by Hussein Dia
The coronavirus pandemic has affected our cities in profound ways. People adapted by teleworking, shopping locally and making only necessary trips. One of the many challenges of recovery will be to build on the momentum of the shift to more sustainable practices – and transport will be a particular challenge.
Entrepreneur INDIA
by Saily Lad
Across the country in India, smart city resources are being deployed to combat the deadly virus. Through the use of sensors, technology, and the data mined from them, state and central governments are using this to keep a check on how their efforts are paying off.
The Seattle Times
by Alex Webb
The e-commerce giant is in advanced talks to buy Zoox. In a very crowded field, Zoox was practically alone in aiming to build a whole new kind of electric-powered vehicle, and to operate the fleet itself.
The Edge Markets
by Chung Ying Yi
A smart city is essentially the redevelopment of an area or city using information and communications technology (ICT) to increase the performance and quality of urban services such as energy, transportation, utilities and connectivity, which will improve the quality of life of citizens.
iot for all
by Daniella Ingrao
From our phones, we can turn off the lights, set a timer for the morning’s coffee, arm security systems and check locks–to name a few. An anticipated growth of 28.7% in the next five years will test the limits of antique billing structures and may require a fresher approach in order for businesses to capitalize on all the unique opportunities IoT provides.
UAV Expert News
by Press Release
With the farming population decreasing and growing older, the global food system now faces great uncertainty especially when the covid-19 pandemic exacerbates labour shortages. To overhaul the labour-intensive rice farming industry, XAG is scaling up drone applications in China that enable night-time seeding at peak period.
by Mark Jones
In times where human contact must be kept to a minimum, the concept of robotics – and its benefits in being programmable to do what humans do, without humans being there – is drawing new interest.
Circle ID
by Doug Dawson
Everything from a smart thermometer to your new car gathers and reports data back to the cloud. California has tried to tackle customer data privacy through the California Consumer Privacy Act that went into effect on January 1. However, there is one area that the new law doesn't cover. Any device that continues to interface with the original manufacturer through the cloud can be shut down.
DataCentre News
by Catherine Knowles
While the application of 5G-enabled IIoT is currently limited to quality inspections, supply chain management, and generic machine control, key system manufacturers are actively exploring other areas in industrial operations where the benefits of 5G connectivity can be leveraged for process optimisation and increased automation, the analysts state.
Sustainability Matters
by Steve Singer
With the urbanisation trend showing no sight of slowing, city planners need to figure out how cities can cope with rising populations while avoiding any detrimental impacts for those already living there. Lying at the heart of smart cities are the digital technologies that use the collected data to support transformation. One of the most important of these technologies is edge computing.
Health Tech Zone
by John Bailey
In recent years, the use of technology in the healthcare field has skyrocketed.Improving quality of care has been a major priority recently, and the Internet of Things has shown great potential to make hospitals safer and more productive.

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