Gift sites like Uncommon Goods are seeing a surge in the popularity of so-called connected devices, including the Love Box, featuring a heart that spins when a message is sent to the box ... Numerous connected devices ship with default passwords as standard, as was the case with 600,000 GPS trackers manufactured in China that had a default password of '123456' ... Experts have predicted a full digital integration between computers and humans by the year 2030. Up to 40% of the current workforce could be replaced by technology in the next 10-15 years, IoT will represent 83% of the entire AI chipsets market, global Artificial Intelligence in embedded IoT devices market will reach $26.2 billion, more than 50% of firms will leverage AI technology for networking ... 73% of 4G first-movers grew their market share after their 4G launch, and a 5G first-mover likewise will benefit ... According to research agency, the number of IOT devices is expected to grow fivefold from 15 billion in 2015 to 75 billion in 2025 .. the global Home Health Hub market is forecast to reach US$1.1 billion by 2025 .. California manufacturers’ use of robots would increase 400% over the next five to seven years .. Total global waste is expected to double from nearly 2 billion tonnes in 2016 to an estimated 4 billion tonnes by 2050 .. According to IDC, the wearables market in Brazil will see an increase of 62% in units sold at 498 million devices, with growth of 71% in revenue ... Of the businesses that embraced Robotic Process Automation, 55% saw improved efficiency, 52% indicated getting ahead of the competition/increasing their market share, and 52% experienced revenue growth, with 44% showing productivity gains and 40% realizing business transformation.
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NBC News
by Editor
New devices are aiming to keep long distance-lovers connected this Valentine’s Day. Gift sites like Uncommon Goods are seeing a surge in the popularity of so-called connected devices, including the Love Box, featuring a heart that spins when a message is sent to the box.
Security Intelligence
by Sue Poremba
Included among the vulnerable (and hacked) passwords are default passwords used by manufacturers that give the appearance of IoT security layers. In reality, all these passwords do is create an illusion of safety. The actual outcome in these situations is a larger attack surface of poorly defended endpoints for malicious actors to penetrate with ease.
Enterprise TALK
by Debjani Chaudhury
Even though the full optimization of AI and the IoT is relatively far away, the two technologies are now being combined across industries in scenarios where problem-solving and information can improve outcomes for all stakeholders.
MIT Sloan Management
by Sara Brown
The next generation cellular network will bring augmented reality, “the internet of things,” and seamless streaming to the mainstream. Here’s what businesses can expect — and when.
Over the last few years, the modern smart camera is as simple as plug and play – connect the camera to the home Wi-Fi network and download the corresponding app to start your own remote surveillance. This bypasses the traditional command and control functions played by our humble home router. Removing the locks on your door means easier ingress, not only for the homeowner but also for the burglars.
by Steve Rowen
For retailers, Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that has taken some time to figure out exactly how it can be used properly, but it seems that it is indeed starting to find some semblance of a home within the industry.
by Robyn Bainbridge
The 'Home Health Hub' is defined as a combination of hardware and software systems that allow the creation of a medical hub for monitoring, acquiring and transmitting patient data from point-of-care facility to healthcare professionals in the primary care sector.
The Business Journal
by David Castellon
Instruction on working with and maintaining industrial robots is a growing venture in high schools and community colleges here, with a handful using working robots of the sort used in factories, among them the 24 at Fresno City College, making it the largest hands-on industrial robotics program on the West Coast, and one of the largest in the country.
Tech Republic
by Veronica Combs
Self-driving cars are cool but vehicle-to-infrastructure projects have more potential to make sidewalks and streets safer in the short term. Columbus is building the infrastructure to test this communications platform that allows cars to communicate with other vehicles, traffic lights, and even crosswalks.
Solid Waste and Recycling
by David Teh and Tehmina Khan
As population growth increases consumption and waste, managing this waste is becoming an ever greater challenge. The Internet of Things (IoT) can be used to develop smarter and more effective ways of managing and reducing waste.
HIT Infrastructure
by Samantha McGrail
The Department of Veteran Affairs will continue to increase innovation with the launch of its first 5G hospital in California.
Interesting Engineering
by Trevor English
The world of manufacturing is increasingly being dehumanized. So, what’s the future of the industry, and where exactly do humans fit into the picture?
ZD Net
by Angelica Mari
The smart home devices segment will be one of the highlights of the consumer technology market in Brazil this year. With new devices on offer as well as new features such as the ability to understand commands in Brazilian Portuguese. Brazilian consumers will be increasingly interested in smart home devices for security and surveillance.
City of Adelade
by Matt Halliwell
Adelaide has been recognised overnight by global think tank The Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) as one of the top 7 intelligent communities in the world’s top smart cities.
blue and green tomorrow
by Arindam Paul
Cities can be a greener alternative to country-living, although this is something that doesn't get as much attention as it should. The reason is that cities are able to use resources more efficiently.
Silicon UK
by David Howell
Automation in the workplace will have many forms. The rise of AI could usher in new businesses processes that need little human input. In a world of automation, will businesses be able to integrate these systems with their workforces?
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