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January 13, 2018
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Happy 2018 Friend!
Welcome to the first newsletter by Earthshed Solutions! We started this newsletter to provide you more insight and ideas on how to design, grow and create with us. Our aim is to provide you with relevant permaculture based information as it pertains to us in the North Valley.
You are receiving this newsletter because you recently subscribed online or you signed up to receive our emails at one of our past events. Maybe you were at a Chico Permaculture Guild Gathering, an Annual Seed Swap or a PermaBlitz or maybe at the Endangered Species Faire or Earth Day Movie Night at the Sierra Nevada Big Room. In any case, you are now able to view our news and updates in a cleaner, more informative and beautiful way. And we are happy you've joined us!
Read on to learn about our upcoming events, some recent feature articles and more information about how Earthshed Solutions is engaging our community and aspiring toward a more regenerative future.

In this Issue

9th Annual Seed Swap

Chico Seed Lending Library 'Lettuce Get Together'

Spring Chico Permaculture Guild (CPG) Gatherings

Earthshed PermaBlitz #3

This Way to Sustainability Conference XIII

The Real Dirt articles

Permaculture Tips: Seed Saving Garden

How to get involved!

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Earthshed Solutions |

Join us at the 9th Annual Seed Swap!

Earthshed Solutions' partnership program, the Chico Seed Lending Library, is hosting our annual community seed swap and it's going to bigger and better than ever! Bring your seed, stories and garden enthusiasm on February 3rd at the Trinity Church in downtown Chico!
9thASS header
SS volunteer page
We are still recruiting volunteers to help with the Seed Swap. We need people to do things like set up, orienting new seed swappers and serving food... are you interested in helping? Follow this link to sign up. It's easy to do online and there are some great benefits to volunteering with us!
9thASS FB link
9th Annual Seed Swap Details
LGT header

'Lettuce Get Together'
Tuesday, January 16th
from 4pm to 6pm

Every month the Chico Seed Lending Library hosts a 'Lettuce Get Together' work party. Community volunteers, seed savers, and gardeners get together to discuss timely gardening tips, seed saving techniques, and package up seed for CSLL members to borrow.

Mark your calendars for the third Tuesday of each month! See the full 2018 'LGT' schedule here.

CSLL header

Chico Seed Lending Library (CSLL) is located within the Chico Branch of the Butte County Library (1108 Sherman Ave. Chico) and is open every day the library is open.
'Lettuce Get Together' events take place in the Chico library meeting room.
CSLL has been in operation since 2013 serving Butte County residents. CSLL is a partnership program with the Butte County Library, GRUB Education Program and Earthshed Solutions.

Learn more about CSLL
CPG banner

Spring Chico Permaculture Guild Gatherings

Our CPG Gatherings are starting up again in February! We will focus on covering Pre-PermaBlitz details as they pertain to the permaculture design process so plan on some informative discussions as we gear up for PermaBlitz #3.

CPG Gatherings are held on Sundays in the meeting room of the Chico Branch Library (1108 Sherman Ave. in Chico) and run from 10am to 1pm. Every Gathering is a Potluck and a ‘Share the Surplus’ swap, is always FREE and open to the public. We want permaculture information fully accessible to everyone in our community!

February 18th, 'Permaculture Foundation'
March 18th, 'Permaculture Design Process'
More CPG Details
PermaBlitz logo

PermaBlitz #3

Saturday,  April 14th from 10am to 4pm!

We're preparing for our third PermaBlitz this April! We'll have a lot more details in the coming months including the RSVP page but until then make sure to attend the Pre-PermaBlitz CPG Gatherings in February and March!

What is a PermaBlitz?
PermaBlitzes are about helping our neighborhoods become more edible and resilient one yard at a time by harnessing and building the power of community. It's an informal gathering involving a group of people who have come together to share skills related to permaculture and regenerative living. PermaBlitzes are FREE events where you meet new people, learn new skills, share delicious food prepared by the Host, get some exercise and -most of all- have fun.

Want to Host a PermaBlitz at your property? Learn more at our website.
PB1-2 collage
Learn about the Earthshed PermaBlitz
Scale of Permanence -article 1

Butte County Master Gardener Articles

In the Master Gardener blog, the Real Dirt, Laura Lukes featured information about the Permaculture presentation we gave for their workshop series last December.

There are 2 articles, What the Land Tells You: Permaculture in Practice, Part One and What the Land Told Them: Permaculture in Practice, Part Two.
Design Filter -article 2
Read the Articles

This Way to Sustainability Conference XIII,
March 15-16, 2018

Sustaining Our Future: When Will Climate Neutrality Become Our Climate Reality?
Earthshed Solutions will be presenting in partnership with the California Native Plant Society via the Environmental Coalition of Butte County.

Our Topic & Date:
Sustainability for Survival: Part I. Uses of Water and Earth

Thursday, March 16, 2018
9am in BMU 203
Register to Attend

Permaculture Tips

In every newsletter we will bring you information about various permaculture strategies and techniques with simple yet practical applications everyone may do on their own property; whether your property is large or small permaculture methods can be applied at any scale.
In this issue we provide a few tips when planning your garden with seed saving in mind and why saving your own seed is important for local resilience.
Plant Name
Learn plant botanical names (Genus and species) and other important classifications, such as their family, and you will also learn their basic seed saving attributes.
Plant Type
Know the difference between annuals and biennials. A lot of garden crops -beets, chard, carrots, kale- are biennials, and they need to go through a cold-weather season in order to flower.
Pollination Habits
Most crops, whether they are self-pollinators or not, require isolation from other varieties of the same plant type to prevent outcrossing.
Isolation Distance
Make sure there’s enough of a buffer between different varieties of the same species so you avoid cross pollinating plants of the same type and end up with an unintentional variety.
Population Size
Some species of crops require more plants around them to pollinate with, so make sure you have enough. Non self-pollinators (crossers) are more likely to suffer from inbreeding depression, which means that you need to plant more of them for viable seed and healthy populations.
Keep Track
Mark plants in your garden to remember which you want to harvest seeds from. Save seed from only the healthiest plants with the characteristics you prefer -best taste, color, size, vigor...

It’s more important than ever to preserve the seed heritage our ancestors created for us. By saving open-pollinated seed we take control of our food supply, adapt our seed to the local bioregion creating resilience to climate extremes and we deepen our connection to the land. It allows us to participate in a centuries-long tradition of free exchange of seed without which we would not have the diversity of plants and food we have today and that we need to ensure for future generations.

There is wealth of more information on seed saving at the Seed Savers Exchange website here. And don't forget to attend the 9th Annual Seed Swap to exchange seed with your fellow gardeners!

PB#2 Welcome
How to get Involved!

We have many opportunities for our community to get involved in our Programs and Projects.
PB#2 Wattle
If you want to learn more about permaculture attend a CPG Gathering or PermaBlitz. Interested in seed saving? Join the seed library's monthly 'Lettuce Get Together' work parties. You can also volunteer with us at a local events, like the Endangered Species Faire, where we have a booth space. Or, new this year, if you hold a permaculture design certificate you can become a PermaBlitz design intern and help with the design process for one of our PermaBlitz Hosts.
Support our Growth
Support our Growth
As a 501 (c)(3) public benefit organization, your donations to Earthshed Solutions are tax deductible to the extent of the law.
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Earthshed Solutions is a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving the communities living in the bio-region of Butte County, California. We are primarily an education organization helping our community grow in abundance and resilience in our ever changing climate. Earthshed Solutions’ mission is to promote ethical decision making and responsible stewardship of Earth’s resources. We teach and empower people through our programs and projects to design regenerative systems for food production, soil fertility, energy efficiency and water conservation.
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