We’re in our last term of 2018 – how time flies when you’re learning lots and having fun!


Pop-up Globe

Over 60 students have attended the Pop-up Globe performances that we sponsored – we are pleased to know you enjoyed them!

For those who have not yet submitted their reflection statement, please do so soon. Here are some questions to get you started:
  1. What were your favourite things about the performance?
  2. What kinds of feelings did you have during and after the performance?
  3. How did the performance differ from your expectations?
  4. If you have studied the play before: what did you find different about watching it instead of reading it?
  5. Has attending the Pop-up Globe changed the way you think about Shakespeare?


Competition: Personalised Pencil Case

To enter the competition, please do the following:
  1. Add to your email’s safe senders’ list (so that it won’t be marked as spam)
  2. Look out for an email on Saturday 3 November at 5pm. Alternatively, you can check our website for a new post at the same time.
  3. You will find a crossword puzzle to complete.
  4. Send a photo or screenshot of your completed crossword puzzle to
  5. The first person to complete the crossword from the following student groups will win the prize.

The student groups are:
  • Years 5-6
  • Years 7-9
  • Years 10-12

Winners will be able to submit their ideas and collaborate with SA’s graphic designer to create their personalised pencil case.

Student Achievements

At the end of last term, we celebrated the one-year Shakespeare Academy anniversary of the following students, who were each gifted with a $25 Dymocks voucher:

Minqing Ning; Senithi Dewendra; Ken Wang; Clementine Lee; Jessie Qin

We hope you enjoy your present!

Hope you are having wonderful start to your final 2018 term.

With best wishes,
The Shakespeare Academy Team
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