Primary students at the end-of-2017 dinner and trip to the movie Wonder.


Welcome to the first issue of Shakespeare Academy’s online newsletter! The newsletter will be distributed every six weeks, roughly in Weeks 2 and 8 of every school term. We are very excited about using this platform to share a variety of information, news, and stories, and we hope to promote a fantastic (and booktastic) community at Shakespeare Academy.



After two trial terms of classes in Chatswood library, we are thrilled to announce our new Chatswood location in Suite 504/8 Help Street, which is less than 5 minutes away from the train station. Although the classroom has been furnished and equipped for teaching, we are continually adding more Shakespearean and literary décor – so don’t be surprised if you see new bits and pieces popping up over the weeks! We welcome any bookish decorations, so please feel free to suggest anything that comes to mind!

Social Media

In addition to WeChat, we are now online on Instagram and Facebook. Please feel free to follow us, where we will announce flash giveaways, share noteworthy student homework, and post the occasional meme.

School Holidays

We are running two workshops in Chatswood during the first week of the school holidays (16-20 April). These five-day courses are:

English Grammar (10am-1pm):
A complete course that covers all the fundamentals of English grammar, and contains exercises to write clearly and effectively. This is essential for students from Years 7-11, as the course addresses and will help fix a range of core grammatical problems common to students (and most adults!). Students from Year 12 are also welcome to enrol.

Creative Writing (1:30-4:30pm):
A workshop designed for students in Years 10-12. Students are introduced to a range of short stories, which they will read as writers, and which will provide inspiration for their own writing. After receiving extensive feedback, students then revise their own creative pieces.
Places are filling quickly, so please contact us if you wish to enrol or use the following form.
Click here to enrol

Term 2 Timetables

Here are our timetables for Term 2:



4:30-6:30 Year 12 HSC  
4:30-6:30 Novice Writing (Years 8-10)


4:30-6:30 Reading and Writing (Year 6)
4:15-6:15pm A Midsummer Night’s Dream (full)
4:15-6:15pm Advanced Writing (Year 11)
6:30-8:30pm Novice Writing (Years 8-10)
1:30-3:30pm Intermediate Writing (Years 9-10)
3:45-5:45pm Poetry for Beginners (Years 7-10)
11am-1pm Reading and Writing (Years 5-6)

* Poetry for Beginners is the only option for new students in Term 2.
We are accepting private students up to Year 6.
We are no longer accepting private students in Year 12.

New classes may be formed subject to interest and availability; please contact us to discuss options.

Achievements and Competitions

Primary School

Belated congratulations to Mr Roy Jie, who was awarded a full scholarship to Knox Grammar after private lessons at Shakespeare Academy. Mr Jie has settled into Year 7 at Knox.

Congratulations to Miss Alana Gao, who was awarded a full scholarship to Pymble Ladies’ College after group lessons at Shakespeare Academy. She will commence Year 7 next year.
Congratulations to Miss Penelope Jin, who was awarded a full scholarship to Queenwood School for Girls after group lessons at Shakespeare Academy. She has written an article about her interview experience, which you can find below.

A big well done to the Year 6 students who undertook the Selective School exam on 15 March. You may all relax now, and swap those practice question books for your favourite novels!

Secondary School

Congratulations to Miss Annie Yan, who came first in English at Hornsby Girls’ High School last year. Keep up the Englishing!

Antony and Cleopatra

Shakespeare Academy ran its first theatre competition this term, with two tickets to Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra at the Sydney Opera House. The competition was open to students from Years 10 to 12, with the following instruction: ‘Share something you love about Shakespeare or Shakespeare Academy.’ Team entries were accepted.
The two finalists were Miss Vanessa Vu, and Miss Esther Suen and Miss Annie Yan. Here are their entries:
by: Miss Vanessa Vu

by: Miss Esther Suen and Miss Annie Yan
After a close vote on Instagram, Miss Esther Suen and Miss Annie Yan won the two Antony and Cleopatra tickets, while Miss Vanessa Vu won the second prize of two Event Cinema movie tickets. Congratulations to all who participated!


Upcoming Events

We are pleased to announce our next excursion: The Tragedy of Hamlet: Prince of Skidmark; A Badaptation of the Bard. This is a Sydney Theatre Company production, and will be great fun for all kids (and all kids at heart). Please click the link below for more information about the production. 
More information
The excursion will take place during the second week of the July school holidays – if you are interested, please fill out this form by 30 April so we can purchase group tickets. Parents, siblings, and friends are all welcome.
Register to attend


Here are some words from our very own Shakespeareans-in-training.

Wonder Excursion

By Jeremy Cheung (Year 6)

The Wonder excursion happened last year at the end of term four. It was very fun and we felt some emotions watching the movie. Twenty students of Shakespeare Academy went to see this wonderful movie at George Street Cinema.  Everyone was so excited. The first thing we did was eat dinner at a food court near the cinema. There were a lot of different types of foods to choose from. Most of the restaurants were Asian. For dessert, my sister, our friend and I got flower-shaped ice-creams.
We arrived at the cinema and Dr Lin gave us all tickets.  We bought all our popcorn and drinks and walked to our seats.  There were four main parts in the movie. The first part was Auggie, then Via (Auggie’s older sister), then Jack Will (Auggie’s best friend), and lastly Miranda (Via’s ex-best friend).  Auggie gets bullied but Jack Will stands up for him.  Halloween is included in the movie, and Jack lies to the bully to fit in. But Auggie hears what Jack says and gets mad at him as he felt insulted.  Jack apologises in Minecraft when they were playing, then they become best friends again. The bully Julian doesn’t get to go on summer camp which is the best thing ever because he is suspended for two weeks. At summer camp, Year 7 kids decide to beat up Augie and Jack but Julian’s friends protect them.   At the end, Auggie wins a prize that is very important to the school and on the way to the stage, he hugs his family and Jack and does a high five with Julian’s friends. 

Queenwood Interview

By Penelope Jin (Year 6)

My interview at Queenwood was definitely out there. Instead of the usual questions, the principal asked me to read a newspaper article, and we argued about whether an offensive statue should be abolished, changed, or kept. I think that the hook was its unpredictability, and no student was expecting an interview like this. Luckily for me, I was.

Every Tuesday night I spent two productive and enjoyable hours with Dr Lin. We did a lot of writing, but also read short stories. Some of my favourites are “God Sees the Truth, But Waits” by Leo Tolstoy, and “The Gift of The Magi” by O. Henry. The point is, that when Dr Lin made us read this, it made no sense at first, but with explanations, it became more easy to understand, so when the principal handed me the article, I was not confident, but I knew that I was more prepared than other students, and I was right.

Thank you so much Shakespeare Academy, for helping me to achieve my full scholarship at Queenwood. I recommend Shakespeare Academy, to anyone who wants to learn writing and grammar, extend their vocabulary, read beautiful, short stories and enjoy it all.
We are always happy to accept student submissions. If you have anything you wish to share, please let your teacher know in class.
With best wishes (and an Easter egg or two—especially if you submit all your homework this week),
The Shakespeare Academy Team
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