A jam-packed issue!

Welcome to a jam-packed issue of the Shakespeare Academy newsletter! We have many announcements to make this time, and so, without further ado:


Introducing: The Shakespeare Academy Book Club

After months of planning, we are excited to introduce the Shakespeare Academy Book Club*! We investigated why there’s been a decline in reading rates amongst high school students, and found the main reasons are not knowing what to read, not enjoying what they’re reading, and not having the time to read. Based on this feedback, we at Shakespeare Academy designed a solution for the above problems, and will be running our inaugural Book Club this coming school holiday.

Here’s the general gist of the Book Club:
  1. We pick a novel that we’ve read and loved.
  2. We give students a copy of the novel in Week 9 or 10.
  3. Students read the novel in the first week of the school holidays.
  4. Students don’t have to do any homework or writing on the novel.
  5. Students rock up to a Book Club session, where we’ll nibble on snacks and discuss the novel.
Two groups will be running this coming school holiday, with the books as follows:
  • Years 7-9: Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief
  • Years 9-11: Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven
* We’re open to suggestions for a catchier name – please let us know if you have any ideas!

Winter School Holiday Courses

Course Recommended Years Day/Time

HSC Trial Papers


9-13 July (Mon-Fri)
City: 9:30am-12:30pm

English Grammar


9-13 July (Mon-Fri)
Chatswood: 10am-1pm
City: 2-5pm

Creative Writing


9, 11, 13 July (Mon, Wed, Fri)
Chatswood: 1:30-4:30pm

Book Club*


12 July (Thu)
Chatswood: 1:30-3:30pm

Book Club*


12 July (Thu)
Chatswood: 3:30-5:30pm

* Students in Year 9 are welcome to attend either session (or both, if they wish)

Term 3 Tentative Timetable

We have a tentative timetable for Term 3, which you can find below.
Chatswood (Suite 504/8 Help Street)
Course Recommended Years Day/Time

Year 6: Tales from Shakespeare (Part 1)


Mon 4:15-6:15pm
Sun 11am-1pm

Novice Writing Skills


Tue 4:15-6:15pm (Full)
Sun 4:30-6:30pm

Analytical Skills


Wed 4:15-6:15pm

To Kill a Mockingbird


Wed 6:30-8:30pm

Pride and Prejudice


Sat 1:30-3:30pm

City (Suite 805A/368 Sussex Street)
Course Recommended Years Day/Time

HSC Texts and Skills


Thu (by appointment)



Fri 4:30-6:30pm

Novice Writing Skills


Sun 1:45-3:45pm

At least one new Poetry for Beginners class will be formed next term. This class is compulsory for new students joining Shakespeare Academy next term, as it covers a range of fundamentals required in order to analyse, discuss, and write about texts. If your child is a new student in high school and wishes to join Shakespeare Academy next term, please contact us so we can ensure your child will have a place.

Introducing: Louise

We are pleased to introduce Ms Louise Carey-White, our latest tutor at Shakespeare Academy. Louise joined us at the start of the year, and has been teaching several classes this term. Here are some interesting facts about Louise: 
Degree: BA (Hons I), English and Philosophy, 2017, University of Sydney; current PhD in English, University of Sydney
Favourite writers: George Orwell, Mary Shelley, Emily Dickinson, Franz Kafka
Favourite books/texts: Frankenstein, Animal Farm, The Metamorphosis, Blow Up 
Favourite things to teach: Novels, women’s writing, literature about animals
Anything else: Cat lover, coffee snob and audiophile who will beat anyone at ’60s music trivia.

Achievements and Competitions

Hamlet: Prince of Skidmark

Congratulations to Jessie Qin (Year 7) on winning the Instagram giveaway of two tickets to Hamlet: Prince of Skidmark. We are all looking forward to this theatre excursion in the upcoming holidays!

Flash Giveaway: Inuyashiki

Congratulations to Hellen Wang (Year 10) on winning the flash giveaway for two tickets to the Inuyashiki live-action film.

Please follow us on Instagram to get the latest news on future giveaways.

Special Announcement: Pop-up Globe

For those who have not already heard in class, we are absolutely thrilled about the Pop-up Globe’s arrival in Sydney on 5 September! The original Globe theatre existed during Shakespeare’s day, and, as an outdoor theatre, was known for its interactive and dynamic performances. Today, many Globe-inspired Shakespearean productions are similarly energetic and thrilling, with lots of singing, dancing, and good-old theatrical fun. Dr Lin has attended countless performances at Shakespeare’s Globe in London, as well as the Pop-up Globe’s performances in Melbourne earlier this year, and she has loved every moment of them.

To celebrate the arrival of the Pop-up Globe in Sydney, and to ensure you don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity, we at Shakespeare Academy are excited to announce that we will be giving each student one free standing ticket. That’s right: we are shouting you some Shakespeare!

In order to claim your ticket, please submit this form by 1 July. This offer is valid for:
  • All current students who have been with Shakespeare Academy for at least one (1) full term
  • Students on hiatus if they have been with us for at least three (3) full terms
  • New students who enrol and pay by 1 July
Here are some tips to students for filling out the form:
  1. Find out a bit about the plays on offer. There are four to choose from (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Macbeth, The Comedy of Errors, and The Merchant of Venice). If you’re really stuck, you can ask your teacher for a recommendation – but at the end of the day, choose something that interests you, not what you think you ‘should’ go to!
  2. Everything’s more fun with friends! Ask your fellow Shakespeareans-in-training if they want to go to a particular play, and organise your own groups. Once you have decided, you may choose a group name to make it easier for us to process your free ticket.
  3. Check the dates and times on the Pop-up Globe page to choose which sessions you would like to attend. Again, it will help to co-ordinate with your friends.
  4. If you wish to secure extra tickets for other friends or family, please indicate it in the extra information box. We will do our best to get those extra tickets for you, and you can simply give the money for the extra ticket(s) to your teacher.
  5. Remember: your parents are all pretty awesome, and will love to support your Shakespearean adventures! If you end up enjoying the performance, they will be more than happy to get more tickets for the other plays if you want to go!
Register Now
That’s all for this issue – we’ll have words from our Shakespeareans-in-training next term. For now, do stay warm, and keep spreading the literary love! 

With best wishes,
The Shakespeare Academy Team
0401 005 878
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