Term 2 is well underway, and all our Shakespeareans-in-training are settling nicely into their Shakespeare Academy routines. Many classes this term are undertaking a Writing Skills course, and, by the end of the term, we hope to share some of their works.


Information and Policies

We have put together a document of Shakespeare Academy information and policies, which you may find here.

Achievements and Competitions

Shakespeare Academy Anniversary

At the end of last term, we were pleased to congratulate 12 students on surviving their first year at Shakespeare Academy. These students received a $25 Dymocks gift voucher:

Allison Liu, Angelina Cheong, Annie Yan, Bella Li, Brian Wang, Daniel Zhang, Esther Suen, Esther Zhang, Jennifer Su, Jeremy Cheung, Mary Yan, and Roy Ji.

We look forward to finding out what books were purchased!

Upcoming Events

We are pleased to announce our next excursion of The Tragedy of Hamlet: Prince of Skidmark; A Badaptation of the Bard on Wednesday 18 July at 10:30am. This is a Sydney Theatre Company production, and will be great fun for all kids (and all kids at heart).
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If you wish to attend, please fill out this form by 3 June so we can purchase group tickets. Parents, siblings, and friends are all welcome.

All students who have registered for tickets will also be eligible to enter a competition to win 2 free tickets – these details will be announced on 4 June, so students should keep an eye out on their inboxes!  
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Here are some words from our very own Shakespeareans-in-training.

Antony and Cleopatra

Annie Yan and Esther Suen won tickets to the Bell Shakespeare production of Antony and Cleopatra last term. Here is what they have to say about the play.

By Annie Yan and Esther Suen (Year 10)
On the 25th of March, we went to the Sydney Opera Playhouse to view Bell Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra’s production. The play was set in a cozy, small and round stage which conveyed meaning through utilising sound, lighting, and special effects. We especially liked the sheer curtain that text was projected upon. Minimal costumes and staging were also used. However, because of this, it was somewhat difficult to keep up with the story, but this was made up for by the engaging and excellent performance from the actors. 

This play was quite interesting as it was a contemporary rendition yet still retained the traditional form and context. However due to our lack of knowledge about the play we were also lost at times but still got the general gist in the end.
We are always happy to accept student submissions. If you have anything you wish to share, please let your teacher know in class.
Keep warm, and keep on the literary awesomeness!

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