Spring Tune-up!
Spring is around the corner and it won’t be long before the sound of baseball bats hitting balls and the smell of food cooking on grills will take over the neighborhoods. So, don’t wait for a grilling or smoking day to get your equipment spring ready. In several areas of the country these vessels of pleasure have been hibernating all winter. Break them out and get to scrubbing. 
For many it means tuning up that gas grill. This will go a long way and avoid frustration later in the spring and summer. It’s a good idea to wash it down inside and out. I like to replace old grates with new ones, normally they are not very expensive. At the very least, scrub the grates and wash them down. It’s also a good idea to clean the gas ventures with a tiny venture brush and examine your burners. Burners with large corroded gaps in them will cause uncontrollable flames and hot spots. Most importantly after cleaning and reassembling is to check for gas leaks. Always use the manufacturer’s recommendations for any of these tips.
Now, if you have a smoker the same applies. For basic smokers it is super important to clean, clean, clean. Wash it down and get rid of all the trapped grease in the bottom that so often accumulates.  Clean the fire box and get rid of all old ashes. Exercise all the air vents. I also like to lightly sand the outside of a steel smoker and repaint it with high temperature paint, usually black. If you have one of the higher tech smokers, then please follow the manufacturer’s recommendation. One thing is constant and that is usually a clean grill and smoker will help you execute more consistent masterpieces.
Besides the grill and smoker don’t forget about the other tools and gadgets. Get a supply of batteries for those thermometers that require them and check them for proper operation. Check all your grilling tools. It is a good idea to put them in a separate storage bin so that you’re not digging around for your grilling and smoking tools every time you go to cook.  Buy yourself a new tool or gadget just for fun and experiment on new methods of cooking this year. While you’re at it, get yourself a really cool apron and some awesome BBQ  products from
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Porkosaurus BBQ
Porkosaurus Rib Paddles


BABY BACK BBQ RIB SPATULA PADDLE BOARD – This wood rib board slides easily underneath your delicate bbq ribs on a smoker or grill. It’s the perfect way to load ribs onto the heat, transport or remove them once they have the perfect amount of bark.

ST. LOUIS BBQ RIB SPATULA PADDLE BOARD – This wood rib board slides easily underneath your delicate bbq ribs on a smoker or grill. It’s the perfect way to load ribs onto the heat, transport or remove them once they have the perfect amount of bark

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT – This one of a kind, patent pending grill accessory will make certain that you never break a rack of ribs again. After all that love and affection has been put into your barbecue creation, don’t disturb the beauty and remove them with care with a rib paddle beveled to match the ribs natural curvature

ONE SOLID SLAB – This serving paddle is 27" long x 2.5" wide so there is plenty of surface to hold the rack. (Wood may be lighter than image, each piece is made of all natural wood and slightly unique) Handmade in the USA. They are made of ash wood, the same wood used in baseball bats. They are extremely durable and have a lifetime warranty.

USED BY WORLD CHAMPIONS - Designed by Porkosaurus BBQ for the amateur or professional pit master. The Porkosaurus team has won numerous awards and championships not just for their melt in your mouth flavor but also their technique.

FOR SERIOUS MEATS – There is always a holiday or special event around the corner equip yourself with the best grilling accessories! This kitchen paddle board is hand made in USA. Built to last a lifetime – Guaranteed.

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Porkosaurus BBQ Chili
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No one would have guessed that in 1994, a group of FedEx co-workers would come together to create a BBQ team that would grow into a family. Ultimately becoming an award-winning company (OVER 25 YEARS & MOST RECORD MEMPHIS IN MAY WINS) whose owners are as diverse as our flavor is unique.

Porkosaurus began with only a handful of members who equally enjoyed barbecue and camaraderie. After many backyard barbecues with family and friends, we decided to throw our hats into the competitive barbecue ring. Our newly created team quickly learned that cooking in the backyard was vastly different from the competitive barbeque. *Who knew? Determined to master the competitive circuit, our hodgepodge group confidently cooked, pigged out, reflected, learned and repeated. 
We even analyzed our competitors by devouring all the bbq we could get our claws on. (For Science...) Through these other competitors, we learned the secrets of low and slow cooking.
Over time our enthusiasm inspired both friends and more co-workers to join our team. What started as a local team in Memphis and grew nationally and internally.
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