You never know when you’re being introduced to something, or talking and exchanging ideas with someone, that this will be the moment that inspires you to create something truly special.  Sometimes, it’s the friends you hang around every day that will eventually influence you to create and share something extraordinary. This is exactly what happened to me and a very good friend of mine named Bill. He turned me on to some amazing coleslaw one day that was made in the deep south from an old man that only sold it at his little BBQ shack. Bill brought me a container of this coleslaw one day and I swear it almost didn’t make it home because I just kept eating it. 
This little gesture of kindness, and the fact that Bill knew I would appreciate small town roadside food, was just the inspiration I needed.  This slaw was so phenomenal that my fellow BBQ mates and I decided to research and develop a recipe that was just as stand out as what I had tasted. We added several twists that we felt were needed to be part of our recipe.  As an added bonus, we soon realized there were no products on the market that did not use mayonnaise in coleslaw dressing. Yes, that was the light bulb going off. We wanted a slaw marinade that did not use mayonnaise or any product that required refrigeration. Our product is vinegar based so spoilage is not a concern which adds to food safety and simplicity of usage. 

Many days and months of trial and error went into the research and development of this marinade for cabbage that we call coleslaw. Friends and family and whoever would sample the concoction gave feedback which led us to finally coming up with a recipe that would stand up to our high standards. Somewhere along the way we
accidentally figured out that this coleslaw marinade was also an amazing marinade for other foods, such as veggies, meats and seafood dishes. Funny how sometimes one accident leads to new uses and recipes.
All of this led us to decide to bottle this crazy, amazing coleslaw marinade. We felt strongly that it would become one of our cornerstone products in the BBQ market, especially since there is no other product that even comes close to what we have created.

Fast forwarding to this year we were honored and humbled by winning 1st place in the BBQ Marinade category at the National BBQ Association 2020 AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE. This is an amazing accomplishment and an incredible honor to be recognized for the uniqueness and quality of the product.

Back to the original thoughts in the article, I am so grateful for having a friend like Bill.  It was as if he knew I would run with an idea and make it better for the greater audience. You never know what the next great inspiration will be, so always listen to the opinions, ideas and passions of others. There is always success with a little determination and luck.

Now is the time! Hop on over to and pick-up our Award Winning BBQ Cole Slaw Dressing and Marinade. #STAYHOMEBBQ
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Joffre Disabatino
Porkosaurus BBQ
Cloud BBQ Bluetooth Meat Thermometer
We tested this product several months ago, and then determined it was no longer available on Amazon.  We found it under a different listing, bought another, verified it was the same and are ready to report our findings.

We have three of these thermometers and use them year round, both on the smokers and in the kitchen.  It’s both accurate and durable.  We’ve used it on butts, rib roast, brisket, whole chickens, etc.  The probes have been in a 500°F oven for a reverse sear and held up.
What do we like about this product?
  • The price!  It ranges from $19 to about $32 on Amazon
  • All of the ones we ordered have come with SIX PROBES!  You may have to shop around, because we’ve seen it for sale with only one or two probes.
  • It maintains its accuracy.  We had no issues with the readings being off.
  • The app is free
  • It has a magnetic back and comes with a silicone protective case
  • The batteries last for several long cooks, even with multiple probes in.
What could they do better?
  • As we mentioned above, the sales listings are inconsistent.  You have to look at the photos to match the product
  • The app is functional, but a little clunky.  It could use an update.  
  • The case doesn’t do a great job of protecting the screen.
We like the thermometer as a low cost, yet reliable option.  We’re two years in on the first one we bought.  It has a few scratches and we damaged a pair of probes, but it still works and we still have four fully functional probes.

-Dino and Crew
Porkosaurus BBQ Burger
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No one would have guessed that in 1994, a group of FedEx co-workers would come together to create a BBQ team that would grow into a family. Ultimately becoming an award-winning company (OVER 25 YEARS & MOST RECORD MEMPHIS IN MAY WINS) whose owners are as diverse as our flavor is unique.

Porkosaurus began with only a handful of members who equally enjoyed barbecue and camaraderie. After many backyard barbecues with family and friends, we decided to throw our hats into the competitive barbecue ring. Our newly created team quickly learned that cooking in the backyard was vastly different from the competitive barbeque. *Who knew? Determined to master the competitive circuit, our hodgepodge group confidently cooked, pigged out, reflected, learned and repeated. 
We even analyzed our competitors by devouring all the bbq we could get our claws on. (For Science...) Through these other competitors, we learned the secrets of low and slow cooking.
Over time our enthusiasm inspired both friends and more co-workers to join our team. What started as a local team in Memphis and grew nationally and internally.
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