Super Bowl Time
The holidays are over but the celebration of BBQ and grilling still remains strong. January and February are loaded with College Football Bowls and Championships, along with NFL Playoffs and the Super Bowl. I’ve always loved to participate in tailgating events for both college and professional sports, especially football. It seems that football brings out some seriously hard-core fans of tailgating. Not all celebrations take place in a stadium parking lot. There’s always the watch parties with friends in the comfort of someone’s house or backyard. That’s also what I’m about.
There is one practice of tailgating and/or backyard celebrating that I’ve always loved to do and that is to grill, BBQ, or cook something related to one of the teams I am watching. Usually, it is the team that I’m a fan of, but I wouldn’t rule out the opposing team’s food traditions. By the time you read this article the College Championship will have already been decided and the NFL (at the time I am writing this) is down to 4 teams. If your team made it, it’s a no brainer you are probably considering an awesome Cioppino or some clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl if you’re a 49’s fan. Green Bay fans are, without question, contemplating some beer and cheese dips or cheese curds and maybe some amazing Bratwurst.  If you’re on the AFC side, without question, you’re thinking some slow, smoked pork, KC style BBQ for the Chiefs, and the Titans fans can’t go wrong with some spicy fried chicken.

All these, of course, are simple suggestions.  Obviously the possibilities are endless, and if your favorite team did not make the playoffs, you can party with anything you want.
When it comes to the Super Bowl, you can do anything you want or celebrate the food from both teams playing for the title. But what I like to do is also throw in a food that represents the host city. This year it’s in Miami and the first thing that comes to mind is the delicious and simple Cubano sandwich. The Cubano sandwich is always a crowd pleaser. There are several recipes online, but in my opinion, the best way is to keep it as original as possible. Some “must have” ingredients are plain yellow mustard, slices or chopped roasted pork (Cuban style) with Mojo sauce, sliced ham  and Swiss cheese. Don’t forget the long-sliced dill pickles and a soft Cuban loaf or soft Hoagie roll. After this is assembled, lightly butter the outside of the bread, press it flat and grill it. Then to make it classic, slice it diagonally. The most famous place in Miami to serve this sandwich is a place called Versailles. Check out this website by “Eater”.
They have a super cool article about the Versailles Cuban Sandwich.
I would love to hear some feedback on this.  Email me at or

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Porkosaurus began with only a handful of members who equally enjoyed barbecue and camaraderie. After many backyard barbecues with family and friends, we decided to throw our hats into the competitive barbecue ring. Our newly created team quickly learned that cooking in the backyard was vastly different from the competitive barbeque. *Who knew? Determined to master the competitive circuit, our hodgepodge group confidently cooked, pigged out, reflected, learned and repeated. 
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