The Porkosaurus Story
No one would have guessed that in 1994, a group of FedEx co-workers would come together to create a BBQ team that would grow into a family. Ultimately becoming an award-winning company (OVER 25 YEARS & MOST RECORD MEMPHIS IN MAY WINS) whose owners are as diverse as our flavor is unique.

Porkosaurus began with only a handful of members who equally enjoyed barbecue and camaraderie. After many backyard barbecues with family and friends, we decided to throw our hats into the competitive barbecue ring. Our newly created team quickly learned that cooking in the backyard was vastly different from the competitive barbeque. *Who knew? Determined to master the competitive circuit, our hodgepodge group confidently cooked, pigged out, reflected, learned and repeated. 
We even analyzed our competitors by devouring all the bbq we could get our claws on. (For Science...) Through these other competitors, we learned the secrets of low and slow cooking.
Over time our enthusiasm inspired both friends and more co-workers to join our team. What started as a local team in Memphis and grew nationally and internally.
Not only did we expand from a geography standpoint, but our diversity was vast… a chef, an air traffic controller, FDNY firefighter, a police officer, a navy pilot, and a webmaster from HBO.
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When it comes to BBQing, many people get apprehensive about trying it for several reasons. “I don’t have the proper grill”, “I need a dedicated smoker”, “I’m not sure how to cook”, “Where do I start?” These are just a few reasons that grilling and smoking gets put off. So many people automatically think if they have a cookout and guests come over, they are expecting a world-famous meal that should compare to a seasoned competitor’s meal. This is all just a myth. The fact is your neighbors and friends are probably just as delighted to come over and enjoy it as you are to entertain. After all, getting together around some burning coals or a gas grill and enjoying the company of friends and family is what it’s all about.
I’m going to share a story from a recent cookout as an example of what I’m referring to. We all decided one weekend to have a cookout at our marina.  A few of us were going to make a couple of main dishes with some supportive neighbors bringing the sides. As the day went on, some people were talking about Willie making ribs. Willie originally was just going to bring a side.  Realizing that we didn’t have grill space or time for a batch of ribs we sort of discounted the idea.

Well I’m here to tell ya this did not stop Willie. He decided to make his specialty ribs, his way, no matter what the grill space was. As we were enjoying some beverages, we saw Willie walking up with a huge pan of ribs, they were already cooked and just needed reheating. As I said before we didn’t even have grill space for reheating these ribs. As time went on, we still were worried about how to reheat these ribs because he specified that he needed an open flame to finish them. Next thing you know, here comes Willie rolling down the dock with a full-size gas grill that he borrowed from the marina. He proceeded to slab his ribs with some sauce and baste them on an open flame. This process put a nice smoke and char on the ribs. Yes, these ribs were previously cooked in an oven and finished off on a gas grill, but it didn’t matter. This was Willie’s specialty and we ate them all up. They were delicious, and everyone was amazed.
The story behind all of this is that Willie just made it happen no matter what people might have judged or doubted. Willie is the new Dock Rib Master even with a World Champion Rib Pit Master on the same dock. Everybody was delighted that Willie took these steps to rock our little get together and make it a totally enjoyable evening with many awesome memories. 

So next time you may have thoughts of not having the right vessel to make a cookout happen, just get resourceful. You don’t need a high dollar grill and smoker to have a great time and enjoy a cookout with family and friends. Just start somewhere and it will all come together.

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Joffre Disabatino
Porkosaurus BBQ
The Porkosaurus Variety Two Pack

World Championship BBQ Rub & Steak Seasoning Variety Pack—Includes: Dry Rub, & BBQ Seasoning.- Rub, Marinade & Devour (MSG, High Fructose Corn Syrup & Gluten Free)



A truly versatile rub with just the right combination of spices and bite for even the most discriminating palates. Use it before and after you cook on Ribs, Butts, Poultry, Sausage, and Grilled Vegetables. This rub contains little sugar, minimizing the dark caramelization effect of heavy sugar content rubs.


A mouth-watering combination of spices and heat to give your steak a little kick. Use it before you cook, on steaks, burgers, meatballs, brisket and veggies.

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