We need your help to get the City of Portland to join us!

Municipal Broadband PDX

Dear <<First Name>>,

Municipal Broadband PDX has made a lot of progress over the last few months to create a publicly-owned internet utility in Multnomah County. A feasibility study is the essential first step to realistically assess whether municipal broadband could be a cost-effective, practical solution to help us meet our digital equity goals, benefit all residents and businesses, and help foster economic growth in our region. We are at the final crucial step to secure the funding for our feasibility study, and we need your help!

We have submitted an application to the City of Portland’s special appropriations grant program, requesting $100,000 to combine with the funds already pledged by Multnomah County and the Cities of Gresham, Troutdale, Fairview, and Wood Village.

The special appropriations grant awards are under consideration by Portland’s City Council this month, with results announced on November 26th. We need Portland residents and businesses to advocate for the special appropriations grant award ASAP!


ACTION #1: Please send an email to each of the elected offices (see draft message below):

"Mayor Wheeler" <>,
"Michael Cox" <>,
"Elisabeth Perez" <>,
"Jennifer Arguinzoni" <>,

"Commissioner Fish" <>,
"Sonia Schmanski" <>,

"Commissioner Saltzman" <>,
"Matt Grumm" <>,

"Commissioner Eudaly" <>,
"Marshall Runkel" <>,

"Commissioner Fritz" <>,
"Tim Crail" <>

Subject: Municipal broadband special appropriations grant

Dear Commissioner/Mayor,

I request that you approve the Municipal Broadband Coalition of America’s special appropriations grant request for $100,000 to help fund a municipal broadband feasibility study.

More than 200 cities across the US have already found that municipal broadband can bridge the digital divide and provide subsidized broadband to low-income and marginalized households, spur economic development and create jobs, encourage innovation and promote STEAM education, and create new growth opportunities for residents and businesses alike. Almost 30% of low income households in Multnomah County lack broadband access in the home, and this has long-term impact on children who grow up in these homes, and is fundamentally an equity issue that we must address.

Multnomah County has already pledged $150,000, and an additional $50,000 has been committed by the East County cities (City of Gresham, City of Troutdale, City of Fairview and City of Wood Village). This feasibility study will research and answer important economic, technical, and equity questions regarding the creation of a publicly-owned internet utility for residents and businesses, and provide the key information and data that elected officials will need to make decisions going forward. Please support this important effort! Thank you for your time and consideration.


<<First Name>>


ACTION #2: Please call each elected official's office (see draft voice message below):

  • Mayor Wheeler: 503.823.4120
  • Commissioner Fish: 503.823.3589
  • Commissioner Saltzman: 503.823.4151
  • Commissioner Eudaly: 503.823.4682
  • Commissioner Fritz: 503.823.3008

Hello, this is [your full name], and I am contacting your office today to ask you to fund the Municipal Broadband Coalition of America’s special appropriations grant request for $100,000 for a municipal broadband feasibility study.


Time is of the essence. The City of Portland will announce the grant awardees on November 26th. It’s crucial that you make your voice heard on this today!

We are taking on some very powerful interests, and our elected officials need to know that we have their back, so please take action now!

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