April 2019 Issue
Women in Leadership and Management in Animal Health

Who is WILMAH?

   After listening to our great webinar with Leah Beyer this month (read below if you missed it) I thought it would be interesting to "google" WILMAH and see what the search results yielded. I found several links when I searched "WILMAH". Links to our website and our Linked In profile were at the top of the list. When I clicked on images I found our logo and several pictures from our website. I also found pictures of our panelists from AVDA 2018 and WVC 2019. A second search of "Women in Leadership and Management in Animal Health" yielded the same links. However, I also got links to several industry blogs and articles that have been published about us as well as links to articles related to women's leadership in animal health. I also found even more pictures of WILMAH events including our session at NAVC this year. We are definitely creating an online brand for ourselves while we strive to bring great events and fresh content to you!

Meet Your Board

Hello, I am Betsy Watkins and I'm the Senior Director of Business Development for Pegasus Laboratories, Inc. and PRN Pharmacal.  I have worked in the veterinary industry for over 25 years and have had the opportunity to see first-hand, how our industry has changed. I have been fortunate to hold numerous roles across various organizations within sales, marketing and business development divisions. Each opportunity has allowed for personal and professional growth and development and has groomed me into the leader I am today.  
WILMAH is a community of passionate leaders in animal health who invest in each other through shared journeys and practical, professional development.
I am excited to serve on the WILMAH Board of Directors and to share my experiences and philosophies with men and women who strive to be industry leaders.  These philosophies and experiences do not only apply to workplace success, but how a successful work/life balance can be achieved.  I have been asked many times, “How do you do it?”  “Can I do this job, be promotable and be a good parent and spouse?”  My answer has always been “Yes, but it takes a team." WILMAH is a perfect platform for both personal and professional support in addition to the support of family and friends.

I think one of the most exciting offerings of WILMAH is the network of support it can offer. Historically, the female perspective has not been shared.  We have had male mentors and would not be where we are today without them, but the female role model has been in short supply. This is where WILMAH fills a need by providing a network of support, development and training.

The future of WILMAH is bright and I hope you will consider joining our organization and utilizing the many resources your Board and members can provide.  We are all here to empower and support each other’s journey’s in a thriving Animal Health Industry.
April is Volunteer Appreciation Month
Meet these WILMAH members who generously donate their time. Together with these organizations, they're making a difference for people and animals around the world!
Lauren Snodgrass at the Atlanta Mission
"This is a photo of myself and a group of friends at the Atlanta Mission in January, where we met before handing out winter clothing to the homeless population downtown. In one afternoon we helped 500 people stay warm all winter!"

The Atlanta Mission is a Christian organization founded in 1938 that is focused on serving Metro Atlanta's homeless population by providing "emergency shelter, rehab and recovery services,
vocational training and transitional housing". Click here to learn more about how amazing volunteers like Lauren and her friends help the Atlanta Mission aide over 1000 individuals from children to adults every day. Keep up the great service Lauren!
vocational training and transitional housing". Click here to learn more about how amazing volunteers like Lauren and her friends help the Atlanta Mission aide over 1000 individuals from children to adults every day. Keep up the great service Lauren!
Sara Hunter at Country Women's Association & Pets In The Park

"I volunteer at two places. Country Women’s Association of New South Wales is the largest women’s organisation in Australia. During the Sydney Royal Easter Show, volunteers run the very popular Tea Rooms at which scones are the centrepiece (pic from @cwaofnsw). I’ll be doing my shift on April 23. While this is a feature it is far from representative of the organisation’s impact. CWA is a vocal advocate for country women and children, and active in raising and distributing educational and drought support funds: over $11M in drought funds to 6500 applicants to date. Pets in the Park cares for the pets of those who are homeless or at risk of becoming so. We set up a clinic in a park on the last Sunday of the month and ensure our canine clients are vaccinated and maintained on a sound parasite control protocol. My role as admin assistant is to greet the clients, prepare their case notes for the consulting veterinarian and ensure that they understand the scope of the treatments available. We also distribute donated food and accessories. This picture is of my daughter Emily, who accompanied me one day and was set to work styling dogs in their new jackets."

Way to be an example for your daughter Sara! Thanks for being so generous with your time and sharing your experiences with us! Learn more about Sara's charities by clicking on their names.

Katherine Kendrick at Elephant Nature Park
"I volunteer at Elephant Nature Park, an elephant (and many other animal) sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand that has over 80 elephants that live out their remaining days in literal luxury following abuse in the logging, trekking and street begging industries. Elephant Nature Park is a highly ethical sanctuary founded and run by global elephant conservationist, Lek Chailert. For the past 3 years I have been volunteering on my vacations in service of these beautiful endangered creatures. In the past year, having returned to school at Purdue for a Veterinary Nursing degree, I have been volunteering in their elephant veterinary clinic assisting the veterinary team with daily treatments for these often elderly, orthopedically injured and infirm beauties. It has become my passion! My intention is to move to Thailand and volunteer full time in my retirement at the ENP elephant clinic caring for these intelligent, emotional animals. 
I have performed a wide variety of tasks and treatments, from making baseball sized sticky-rice pill pockets for medication to administering laser therapy to promote skin and joint healing as well as resorb edema. I’ve created foot encapsulating dressings from puppy piddle pads for foot injuries and used countless rolls of duct tape to ensure that their strong and dexterous trunks can’t get the dressing off. I have used a power washer and extension pole to scrub down elephants with full body skin infections from the jungle humidity and provided daily pain management for the 102 year old Grande Dame of the sanctuary, Yai Bua, who suffers from osteoarthritis. When I went to the sanctuary for the first time as a volunteer to unload daily truckloads of bananas and watermelon and scoop pounds and pounds of poop I never expected that I would discover I had a passion for supporting the return to health of Asian Elephants. I’m a year into my Veterinary Nursing program and can’t wait to travel again to Chiang Mai!"
What a great volunteer experience Katherine! Thanks for giving your time to care for these amazing animals! Click here to learn more about Elephant Nature Park

Mastering Mentoring 
with Debra Benton

Join us next month on May 5th from 3:00-5:00 pm at the annual UVSA (previously AVDA) conference at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, Nashville, TN

Debra Benton is a distinguished authority on leadership mentoring. Debra has over thirty years of experience as one of the nation's top C-suite coaches. WILMAH is excited to bring her engaging, entertaining and interactive speaking style to you in a workshop designed for your personal and professional development.To climb the corporate ladder, you need to be more than just skilled and knowledgeable about your business, you need to be coachable — and be able to effectively coach others. Being a star performer isn't sufficient; you have to make star performers out of others by the coaching and mentoring you provide.

You will learn:

  • Coaching techniques you can apply to yourself and others
  • To self-evaluate and determine strengths and weaknesses
  • How to create a plan and set realistic and achievable goals for yourself and others
  • To prepare for uncertainty and the unexpected without losing your cool
  • Insightful and practical solutions to everyday leadership challenges
WILMAH Webinar Series:
Building Your Personal Online Brand
WILMAH was honored to host Leah Beyer for our second quarter webinar on April 18th. Leah currently serves as the Value Beyond Product Advisor on the US Food Animal Team at Elanco Animal Health. Previous to this role, Leah served as the Director of Digital Communications. Over the past decade, Leah has taken a dive into the deep end of Social Media where she is actively building relationships, sharing perspectives and advocating for everything from food to agriculture to what cocktail you should have after work!
To build off of the How to Build your Personal Brand series from our webinar last year, which focused on your internal brand, this year we took a look at how to own and manage your external brand.  Before diving into the content, Leah challenged participants to “Google” yourself to see what currently rises to the top about YOU!  Then she was able to skillfully walk us through how to engage in Social Media, control what you can about what is being said regarding your brand, which Social Media platform is the right one for you and what content is shared within those platforms and finally ways to create your digital headline.

Your level of engagement in these platforms dictates how often you would feel comfortable posting; however, to engage means a steady supply of content!  WILMAH often features and shares articles about Women in Leadership and the Animal Health Industry.  If you have not yet connected with our organization on LinkedIn, I would encourage you to do so as a way to engage in this important conversation as part of your brand.

We would like to thank Leah for being a part of our webinar series.  If you were unable to join us on the 18th, we have a recorded version will be posted on soon.
Thanks to our webinar sponsors!
Want to learn more about building your brand? Read The Four Best Ways to Build Your Brand at Work by William Arruda. WILMAH Board Member Kristin Kasselman shared this after reading the article. "One of the insights from the article that really resonated with me is how to differentiate yourself during team meetings. Today everyone is so busy during meetings and unfortunately, it is rare to see participants 100% present during the meeting they are attending vs multi-tasking on their many devices.
While I understand some roles require colleagues to be “always on”, when possible, I agree that this is an area you can really differentiate yourself and your brand. During meetings, closing all technology so you can be 100% present for the speaker and participants creates a very different experience. In my opinion, choosing to be 100% present during meetings shows how much you respect and value everyone else in the meeting and it allows you to actively listen and contribute in greater ways. I also believe proactively taking a role to ensure everyone is heard and their perspective is considered is important. Lastly, taking the time to appreciate and recognize participants in the meeting for their preparation, contributions and perspective is powerful and often neglected due to busyness and rushing through agendas. In my opinion, these are easy ways to make a positive difference and differentiate your brand."
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Thank You To Our Emerald Sponsor
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   Our corporate sponsors are critical to our efforts to bring events and content to our members. Their support allows us to do great things such as hire speakers, pay for webinars and host networking events. We genuinely appreciate them and hope you'll help us share our thanks!
   "PRN Pharmacal is committed to the development and manufacture of a wide range of products for the enhancement of animal health. Our mission is to continually improve our products and services to meet the needs of the veterinary medicine industry."
   Learn more about PRN Pharmacal and their commitment to quality, continuous improvement, their customers and their business partners.
As an Emerald Sponsor PRN Pharmacal enjoys many benefits including ten complimentary memberships, recognition as a sponsor at our events and during our webinars and much more. To learn more about becoming a corporate sponsor email us.
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