September 2019 Issue
Women in Leadership and Management in Animal Health

Meet Your Board

Hi everyone, my name is Meggan Harris and I serve as the Vice-Chair and Treasurer for WILMAH. I also lead one of our mentorship pods and coordinate our newsletter every month so if you ever have any content ideas, send them my way!
I became unofficially involved with WILMAH two years ago as a result of my relationships with several women who were involved at the time. I had a lot of respect for these founding women and I knew I wanted to be a part of something that would positively impact women in our industry. WILMAH’s mission to develop current and future leaders aligns with my personal goals. I have been focused on promoting professional development, networking and increased career opportunities for women within my company, MWI Animal Health, for several years. The experience I’ve gained there and my particular skill set allowed me to bring a different perspective to the WILMAH board when a position became available last year.

When I’m not working, I spend time doing things I’m sure many of you enjoy! I love to travel and have my first European adventure scheduled for next month! I also love to be on the water - fishing, boating, paddle boarding, whatever or relaxing by the ocean. I appreciate a good glass of wine and am lucky to live near a plethora of old vine zins and tasty ports! My twin girls are seniors this year. We just finished touring nine colleges and I’m excited to see where they decide to go. It’ll be a little bittersweet to see them leave next year but my husband and I are making plans to date like the old days! Trips to spring training, Nashville, concerts, Santa crawls - who knows! Live the life you love right?!? Our little family also includes two dogs, three cats and five chickens (who love to hang out with me in the backyard cause I won't let them in the house!).

I’m honored to be a part of the WILMAH board and excited about what we’ve accomplished together in in 2019. I’m even more excited about the plans we have for 2020! If you’re not already a member, I hope you officially join us either as an individual or through a corporate sponsorship by your company. You won’t want to miss out next year!
How to Become Promotable!
With Stacy Pursell
Thursday October 10th at Noon CDT.

The economy is good and the marketplace for talent is favorable, but competition for professional advancement is still as fierce as ever. To put it another way, not everyone can be promoted within an Animal Health or Veterinary organization. So the question is this: how can you ensure that the person who receives the promotion is YOU?
Join Stacy Pursell, founder and CEO of The VET Recruiter, for this special webinar hosted by Women in Leadership and Management in Animal Health (WILMAH). Stacy will address the following:
• Why everything in the employment marketplace revolves around value—your value!
• The crucial role that soft skills play and how they influence your chances for being promoted
• The attitude and mindset required to put yourself in a position to be promoted
• Why “under-promise and over-deliver” is better than “over-promise and under-deliver”
• How to tell that it’s time to explore other opportunities in the marketplace
Put your career on the fast track and give yourself an edge over the competition. Join Stacy Pursell for this special WILMAH webinar and learn “How to Become More Promotable.”

This webinar is open to both members and non-members. Click the button below to register.
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For the last webinar of our Summer Leadership Series, WILMAH was fortunate to have Sherry Scullion, President of Scullion Strategy Group LLC share her advice and experiences throughout her career working both in corporate America and as an entrepreneur starting her own business.
While Sherry learned much in her time working for multiple large corporations, she feels her biggest challenge and growth has been in the past two and a half years starting and standing up her own company, a truly bold and courageous endeavor. Over this time, she has learned to hone a specific strategy for her career and life. First, she believes in being a sponge, intentionally listening to others and asking questions. Venturing into areas in which she is unfamiliar has, at times, made her uncomfortable. Upon reflection, she feels it is as important to “get comfortable being uncomfortable” as it is to be comfortable. Otherwise, you stop learning and taking risks. Relative to that, she does also feel it is important to identify what you do really well and spend time leveraging and sharpening these skills, rather than trying to develop in areas that aren’t a natural strength for you. Instead, partner with someone who excels in areas where you aren’t as strong. Second, she recommends that when you make a decision, you commit to it fully, giving it your all, so you can feel confident that you have no regrets and did the very best you could do. Finally, she feels it is important to find laughter and joy in every day as not only a way to deal with challenges and stresses in life but also to not miss the beauty in every day moments while you are working toward your bigger dream.
September is National Guide Dog Month!
WILMAH member Kari Weber is passionate about service dogs! She started raising guide dogs for the blind and service dogs for veterans seventeen years ago. She struggled with infertility and decided to do something nice for someone else in need and raise a dog. Ten weeks later, she was pregnant with her now sixteen year old son, Beck.  Kari is currently on dog number thirteen! She's pictured here with retired dog Betty.
Kari thanked us for honoring working dogs "as it honors those of us who raise and train them (and give away our hearts every eighteen months) and those who’s lives they change!!" We say thank you Kari! It's caring individuals like yourself who make such a difference to so many! 
Left: Custom Canine Service Dog Academy Executive Director Nicole, who is legally blind herself.
Below are pictures of some of Kari's working dogs.
Top Row Left: Pepper with partner Shelley. Right: Dylan with Adrian, his vet.
Bottom Row Left: Bessie on break. Right: Ike with partner Jennifer.
Thank You To Our Sponsor:
   The name MWI comes from the initials of Millard Wallace Ickes, a DVM and accomplished equestrian, affectionately known as Doc. In the mid 1970’s, he recognized - based on a decade of running his mixed animal veterinary hospital in Idaho - that veterinarians in the northwest region were simply too isolated from manufacturers to receive quality service and too small to qualify for large discounted purchases. He converted cages in the back of his veterinary clinic into storage units, and a distribution company was born. While much has changed since those early days, we remain deeply proud of Doc’s principles, values and vision, and we use them as the foundation for our future. 
   As we’ve added to our portfolio of companies, and joined a best-in-class organization like AmerisourceBergen, we’ve prioritized expanding our capabilities and services – not just our business. Today, with access to global resources and best practices, we’re able to serve veterinary practices, producers and dealers, and every species type across the continental United States. Simply put, we’ve become even better at what we do. 
   The health of animals and humans are intrinsically linked. Whether it be the mental health benefits we receive from our pets and horses or the physical and nutritional benefits we gain from production animals, we depend on animals to live the way we do today. That’s why we are invested in the future of healthcare for companion and production animals, and united in our responsibility to create healthier futures. To learn more about MWI Animal Health visit our website.
As a Platinum Level Sponsor, MWI enjoys many benefits including recognition as a sponsor at our events as well as 25 complimentary memberships allowing their associates access to member exclusive WILMAH events and content. We are working on even more benefits for 2020 that you won't want to miss! Learn more about becoming a corporate sponsor by sending us an email and make sure your team is signed up by January 1st!
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