August 2019 Issue
Women in Leadership and Management in Animal Health

Meet Your Board

   Hi all! I’m Jennie Hodgen a meat scientist on the Merck Animal Health Corporate and Diversified Accounts team.  This basically means I work with our downstream partners (packers, processors, retail, food service, etc.) to answer questions they might have about production practices including the use of animal health products.   I joined the WILMAH board to try to help bring more attention to WILMAH’s activities and opportunities on the livestock side of our businesses.
   As I have followed along with the Meet the Board series, I have wondered what profound thoughts/challenges, I could leave you with. Those still haven’t come to me, so you’ll just get some rambling thoughts.
   Diversified. Inclusive. Partners. Those are the words that frequently roll off my tongue when I (or the six others I’m aware of in this role within animal health) describe what we do - keeping products we know are safe and efficacious available as tools in producers’ toolboxes and away from organizations spec-ing them out of their policies. I know most of your livestock products well because the downstream folks don’t keep track of our products versus yours. They frequently jump from one species to the other in conversations and proposed actions so while I as a cattle lover started out my animal health career focused just on cattle, it has ‘diversified’ over the years. Relationships have definitely progressed over the years with these folks so we’re not always the evil pharma companies, but instead they seek us out for input.
   It’s interesting these same words are frequently used within the activities of WILMAH. Are we training a diversified workforce? Are we including everyone in the pipeline of succession? Are we striving to be partners so the company/organization gets stronger and makes better decisions? How do we get better at all of these?
Just like the partnerships didn’t happen overnight in my daily responsibilities, they obviously haven’t happened instantly in our efforts here. But you know what? We can change the pace by using some other adjectives: Dedicated. Tenacious. Integrity. Intentional.  
   I encourage all of you to help guide the four pillars of WILMAH (community, mentorship, advocacy & personal development) to continue to drive toward those big adjectives above by joining and/or becoming an active member.  Additionally, if you or any of your livestock colleagues want to help spread WILMAH opportunities with more folks on that side of the business, please let me know as we have some exciting things planned for 2020!
We have one more exciting leader lined up for our Summer Leadership Series! This webinar series, available only to WILMAH members, is intended to introduce you to exciting leaders and provide you the opportunity to ask them about their journey and experiences. If you haven't joined yet, visit our website to do so and join us for our last webinar of the summer! The registration links will be sent via email.
September 19th, 12:00-1:00pm EDT
Sherry Scullion, President Scullion Strategy Group

Ms. Scullion has over 20 years experience in leadership roles, both domestically and internationally across a broad scope of industries including animal health, aviation and consumer electronics. She is a visionary with expertise in product launches, product marketing, new product development, product ideation, R&D pipeline strategy, pipeline gap analyses and pipeline mapping to determine the future health of one’s business. She has held numerous roles in product innovation, strategy and product marketing in the areas of veterinary analgesics, behavior, dermatology, endocrinology, oncology, ophthalmology, pain/arthritis and parasitology.
How to Become Promotable!
With Stacy Pursell
Thursday October 10th at Noon CDT.

The economy is good and the marketplace for talent is favorable, but competition for professional advancement is still as fierce as ever. To put it another way, not everyone can be promoted within an Animal Health or Veterinary organization. So the question is this: how can you ensure that the person who receives the promotion is YOU?
Join Stacy Pursell, founder and CEO of The VET Recruiter, for this special webinar hosted by Women in Leadership and Management in Animal Health (WILMAH). Stacy will address the following:
• Why everything in the employment marketplace revolves around value—your value!
• The crucial role that soft skills play and how they influence your chances for being promoted
• The attitude and mindset required to put yourself in a position to be promoted
• Why “under-promise and over-deliver” is better than “over-promise and under-deliver”
• How to tell that it’s time to explore other opportunities in the marketplace
Put your career on the fast track and give yourself an edge over the competition. Join Stacy Pursell for this special WILMAH webinar and learn “How to Become More Promotable.”

This webinar is open to both members and non-members. Click the button below to register.
Register Here
   Thank you to Kerryann Kocher, Principal, Rock Road Consulting, for sharing her inspiring career journey with us at our Fetch dvm360 WILMAH Networking event in Kansas City. Kerryann’s story of “treadmill moments”, those times in your career when you consider what it is like to do something different, was both relatable and thought provoking. Whether the “treadmill moment” is stimulated by the desire for better balance, a new challenge, diverse experiences or something else, most of us have had those moments and how we respond to them can lead to tremendous personal and professional growth and happiness. As Kerryann shared, asking “when have I ever not made it” and remembering that “the consequence of a wrong decision is just another decision” can make risk and fear of the unknown seem less scary.
   We also learned about the power of a strong network. Community is one of our pillar’s at WILMAH and we are committed to continuing to bring meaningful networking opportunities to our members. Thank you to those that attended our WILMAH event at Fetch dvm360! Enjoy these pictures from our event.
   The August Summer Leadership Series was led by Andy Bane, COO of Vetsource, who took our members through a presentation on: his journey in an animal health start-up environment, the importance of quarterly check-ins with employees, the ever changing e-commerce channel and the importance of our veterinarians' deep personal ability to know you and know your pet.
   Andy answered questions through the lens of a leader. When asked "what are your favorite questions to ask those that you lead?", Andy taught us that he always starts with the individual asking the question and prioritizing how the person is feeling before digging into work. Simple questions like "how is your family" or "how was your weekend" help set the tone for a positive interaction. Andy then follows this line of questioning with "what are recent decisions you learned that looking back on you would have done differently, and why?", what is something that you think is important for me to know?" and finally, when speaking with your spouse or significant other at the end of the day, "what makes you say I did a great job today?".
   We are grateful for our leaders that present on our webinars and we are grateful to our members who take the time to attend!
   For many of us, August is all about back to school activities - shopping for clothes, school supplies and this year's cool backpack, just to name a few! It's also a reminder that another year has gone by and our babies are growing up too quickly! We often document this milestone with that first day of school photo. Here we share a few of the photos from pre-K to college that our WILMAH members submitted.
At left: Top: Kim's son Jeff on his first day of Senior year in High School. Bottom: Leslie & Nate's son Creed on his first day of 1st grade.
First row: Left: Karen and her daughter Maya on her 1st day of first grade! Right: Jenny's boys Adam (age 4 starting Pre-K) and Miles (age 3 in preschool 4 - he felt left out so mom had to make him a sign too!)
Second row: Left, Susanne's girls Emily (age 16, 11th grade) and Georgia (age 11, 6th grade). Right, Christal's trio Brayden (age 13, 8th grade), Grace and Madison (both age 11, 6th grade).
Third row: Left: Rajni's children Sanaya and Varnika as they wait for their school bus to arrive in India!  Right: Pandora's son Evan on his first day of his Senior year at college.

Even as young adults they still humor us and our need to capture every moment! We hope every student has a great school year and congratulations to all the Seniors out there who will be graduating high school or college in 2020!
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